Tommy Fury defeats Jake Paul by split decision: Fight card, live results, and more

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Jake Paul is finally facing off with rival Tommy Fury in one of the most anticipated influencer-boxing matches yet. Here’s everything you need to know to tune in to this exciting fight.

YouTube star Jake Paul and reality TV personality Tommy Fury have been attempting to schedule a boxing match for some time.

The rivals were first slated to face off in December 2021, but a broken rib and bacterial infection caused Fury to back out of the fight at the last minute.

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After that, they settled on a summer 2022 bout — but travel difficulties prevented Fury from entering the United States to participate in the match.

Now, these two will settle the score, as another fight has officially been scheduled for the end of February 2023.

jake paul tommy furryThe fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has been mounting for two years, and after several failed attempts, the two are touching gloves in Saudi Arabia.

Fight Card & Results

UndercardBader Samreen vs Viorel SimionSuper LightweightSamreenStoppage
Undercard Muhsin Cason vs Taryel JafarovCruiserweightCasonStoppage
UndercardZiyad Almaayouf vs Ronald MartinezWelterweightAlmaayoufUnanimous Decision
Co-Main EventIlunga Makabu vs Badou JackWBC Cruiserweight World TitleBadou JackStoppage
Main EventJake Paul vs Tommy FuryCruiserweightFurySplit Decision

Tommy Fury beats Jake Paul by split decision

The time has finally come for Jake Paul to silence the haters or prove them right. Stepping into the ring with a “real boxer” for the first time since falling in love with the sport, the odds were stacked against Paul. Fury had the support of not only a family engrained in boxing but also the boxing community, who continued to see Jake as nothing more than a “punk kid.”

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Fury continued to call the fight “another day at the office,” refusing to take Jake seriously. A fight two years in the making finally became a reality, and while it seemed like Tommy had nothing to lose, Jake’s status in the boxing world was on the line. All that stood in his way of validation was eight rounds against his greatest rival.

The undefeated fighters entered round one with tenacity, with Tommy Fury coming out fast and Jake Paul refusing to step down. The two clenched several times. Jake tries to settle Tommy down, while Fury tries to injure his opponent early on. And Paul’s strategy worked. The second half of round one saw Fury slow down while Jake walked him down to the final seconds.

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Round two started with jabs from Fury, but he was slowed compared to his start in round one. But this showed control as Fury was able to land a couple of great hits. Jake chased Tommy around the ring, but Fury was waiting for the right time to jab and set up combinations. And in the first two rounds, Paul couldn’t get anything going.

But entering round three, Tommy was in unfamiliar territory. The majority of his fights ended after round two, while Jake has been beyond two rounds on several occasions. And this was apparent as Jake seemed like a completely different fighter in the third round. As well, Tommy changed his strategy from moving and jabbing to trying to take Jake head-on.

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Tommy opened round four with two combinations which Jake seemed to weather just fine. Both Jake and Tommy resorted to throwing dynamite punches, missing most. That was until the last minute when Jake was able to land two big swings, yet Fury didn’t seem too bothered. Round four ended with a shot to the back of Jake’s head from Fury.

Round five saw a few decent jabs from Paul to start, and statistics revealed that Fury was the busier of the two, throwing over 140 punches in the first four rounds. However, after having a point deducted in the middle of the round, Jake landed a massive blow that wobbled Fury. But round four ended rather uneventfully.

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Jake started round six with two incredible punches followed by more holding. Two uppercuts from Fury drew cheers from the crowd, but Jake stood unwavering. In fact, most of round six consisted of jabs immediately followed by clenching and holding. This led to another point being deducted, this time from Tommy Fury.

Round seven had the hottest star, with both fighters lunging for punches, leaving themselves open. And after a minute of jabs, the two returned to clenching, grabbing, and holding. Every few moments, the official had to intervene, pulling the fighters apart.

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And it all came down to the final round, with both fighters putting it all on the line. And less than 30 seconds in, Jake sent Fury to the mat with a shot to the jaw. A punch that could decide the outcome of the entire fight. All he needed to do was stay on his feet and not let himself get caught out by Tommy.

Despite having an empty tank, both fighters made it across the finish line, and the decision was left up to the judges. And after two years of conflict and an incredible eight rounds of all-out boxing, Tommy Fury handed Jake Paul the first defeat of his career.

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Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack World Title Results

Badou Jack walked to the ring with boxing legend Mike Tyson to touch gloves with current WBC Cruiserweight World Champion Ilunga Makabu. While both fighters were confident in their ability to take down their opponent, Makabu made it clear he was prepared to severely damage Jack to defend his title.

While this was scheduled as the Co-Main Event, the title fight could be considered the Main Event for boxing purists. With both fighters seasoned and comfortable in their weight class, no one was certain how this incredible matchup would pan out.

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The first of the 12 rounds was used for both fighters to feel each other out. It would be a full minute before any real punches were thrown. Both fighters targeted their opponent’s body, taking turns throwing powerful blows at each other’s abdomens. The pace differed significantly from the first few fights, as a higher level of methodical boxing was displayed.

Round two started in a similar fashion, with both fighters continuing to be cautious. However, this left for a relatively uneventful second round. Makabu waited for an opening to land a single decisive blow, while Badou Jack stayed disciplined and only threw safe punches that rarely connected.

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Round three started a bit faster than the first few. Makabu started swinging, opening himself up to a strong right hand from Badou. While Makabu was able to find Badou’s body, Jack took advantage of the attacks, catching Makabu’s head with a few blows. Makabu retaliated with headshots of his own, but neither fighter waivered, making round three the most exciting yet.

Round four was back to the books. Still sizing each other up and saving punches for opportune moments, both fighters stayed controlled and disciplined. Several punches were thrown from each side, which seemed to glance off the opponent with ease. However, Badou Jack sent a blistering right hand to the face of Makabu, sending him rolling backward on the mat. Makabu quickly stood to his feet, getting back into the fight and staying in it until the bell rang.

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Round five of 12 saw Makabu return just as strong as before, even after his tumble. However, he’d have to pick up the pace and play better defense to regain lost ground. But instead of the needed corrections, Makabu continued to overextend himself, leaving plenty of room for Badou to punish. Despite these mistakes, Makabu made it out of round five unscathed.

The halfway point of the fight saw a tenacious Badou Jack from the first bell. Makabu continued to throw slow, vulnerable punches while Badou battered his opponent’s body with swift jabs. Makabu’s greatest weaknesses up until this point were his lack of combinations and speed. Badou has a more extensive arsenal of moves at his disposal, and he’s been able to dance circles around Makabu since round one.

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Badou entered the back half of the fight with the upper hand. He’s controlled the fight until now and was visibly in better condition than Makabu. This became apparent as Badou landed another heavy blow early on, and Makabu’s legs wobbled a few times throughout round seven.

Makabu endured even more punishment in round eight. Badou switched from orthodox to a south paw stance, changing the pace of the fight one more before switching back to a traditional stance. And this was the moment Badou took a stand against Makabu, landing several blows to the face of Makabu. As if letting their guards down, both fighters unloaded numerous punches onto their opponent until the final bell rang.

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Round nine saw Makabu come out swinging. And while none of his punches connected in a meaningful way, it showed he wasn’t ready to give up yet. For the first time in the fight, it seemed as if Makabu controlled the majority of round nine. But toward the end of the round, Badou Jack landed a few blows that Makabu could not.

In the tenth round, the fighters took turns turtling up while the other rained down body shots. Makabu had lost the energy from round nine, and Badou capitalized on his opponent’s tired stance. Even still, Badou continued fighting methodically so as not to leave himself vulnerable to Makabu’s dynamite hands.

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And early in round 11, Makabu found himself on the mat for the second time of the night. He quickly stood back to his feet, but Makabu would have to find a knockout to keep his title. However, Badou wouldn’t back down, knowing his opponent was hurting and running out of gas. Round 11 was solidly Badou’s, leaving Makabu a single round to regain a lot of lost ground.

It all came down to the final round. Makabu needed to send Badou to the mat for good, or he would be stripped from his belt. However, this would require Makabu to put himself in a dangerous position. Nevertheless, he charged in, firing cannonball shots at Badou… but it wasn’t enough. Badou’s speed allowed him to dodge the would-be decisive blows and deliver a devastating overhand right to the face of Makabu.

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Stumbling back, Badou closed the distance and rained hell on Makabu, who couldn’t defend himself. Stepping in before more damage was done, the official stopped the fight, making Badou the WBC World Champion.

Ziyad Almaayouf vs Ronald Martinez Results

The 19-year-old Ecuadorian Ronald Martinez had the odds stacked against him as undefeated Ziyad Martinez held the home-court advantage. Hoping to put on a show for his home country, Ziyad claimed the fight would be over before the crowd could say his name.

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However, Ziyad has only had one bout prior, ending in a knockout of his opponent. Martinez, on the other hand, has a record of 3-1-1 with 0 knockouts.

Coming out with raw tenacity and excitement, Ziyad attacked Martinez relentlessly from the first bell. However, Martinez was able to roll with the punches, dodging Ziyad’s lightning-fast blows. Martinez was able to find an opening and, in the final few seconds of round one, was able to land a considerable blow sending Ziyad to the mat.

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Ziyad came out in round two with the same vigor he showed at the start of the first round, but Martinez continued to capitalize on Ziyad’s sloppy technique. Roles were reversed in round two as Ziyad was able to find some solid punches toward the end of the round. While Martinez never found himself on the mat, he was the victim of a fair few blows.

Martinez started round three more aggressively than he did in the first two. And while he was able to get a few punches in, he didn’t look as sharp as he had prior. Eating punches from Ziyad, Martinez’s defense waned, and his own punches became sluggish and undisciplined.

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Going into the fourth and final round, there still wasn’t a clear winner. While Ziyad was knocked down during the first round, the next two saw Martinez struggling to capitalize on any of Ziyad’s openings.

Ziyad backed Matinez into a corner early, landing a few devastating blows to Martinez’s face. Despite both fighters landing incredible punches, neither could send the other to the mat in the final round.

The first fight of the night to go the distance ended with Ziyad Almaayouf winning by unanimous decision.

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Muhsin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov Results

Both fighters heading into their bout were convinced the fight wouldn’t go the distance. Exchanging visceral words, and with 22 of Jafarov’s 23 matches ending in a KO – either by his hands or his opponents’ – a knockout was all but assured between Cason and Jafarov.

Within the first 12 seconds, Cason set the tone of the fight with a huge right jab that sent Jafarov to the mat. However, he was able to return to his feet and continue the bout. It didn’t take long for Jafarov to be backed into a corner, tanking body shots from Cason for a large portion of the match. It was clear that after Cason’s first punch, Jafarov decided to play a safer game.

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In anticlimactic fashion, the fight was stopped before the second round even started. Jafarov’s corner called off the fight, making Cason the winner by stoppage for his 11th straight win.

Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion Results

Samreen entered the ring with an undefeated record (7-0), an incredibly confident young boxer from Jordan. His opponent, 41-year-old Simion of Romania, was but another hurdle he’d have to overcome to maintain that perfect record. But having much more experience and an impressive 23-9 record, a win for Samreen wouldn’t come easy.

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The first of eight rounds started slowly. Samreen and Simion sized each other up for the first half minute before jabs and combinations were thrown. But things began to heat up soon after as Samreen found an opening to land a clean uppercut followed by a heavy right hand.

Simion was sent to the mat and was unable to stand before the ten count, resulting in the official having to stop the match. This was Samreen’s fifth straight win by stoppage.

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When is Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 26, with the main card starting at 2PM ET / 11AM PT / 7PM GMT.

The Main Event between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is slated to take place around 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT / 10 PM GMT.

The two fighters will throw down at the Diriyah Arena in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Where to watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Although Jake’s previous fights were broadcasted by Showtime, this time around, Paul’s own promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, has snagged global distribution rights.

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Fans can catch the fight via DAZN, Fite TV, ESPN+ and BT Sport Box Office.

The PPV will cost $49.99 on ESPN+ and likely £19.99 on BT Sport, which can be purchased through DAZN and Fite TV to cover certain regions.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury card

The full fight card for Paul vs. Fury has been released, featuring a fight for the WBC Cruiserweight world title.

  • Main Event: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury
  • Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack – WBC Cruiserweight title
  • Ziyad Almaayouf vs Ronald Martinez
  • Mushin Cason vs Taryel Jafarov
  • Bader Samreen vs Viorel Simion

This will mark one of the most anticipated and toughest bouts for ‘The Problem Child’ outside of his last match with MMA legend Anderson Silva — and Fury himself has even claimed that he will “100% retire” if he loses their upcoming fight.

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Mike Tyson has predicted a win for Jake Paul, although admitted he’s never seen Fury fight.

There’s a lot on the line for both fighters, and we can’t wait to see how their match will shape up in the end.