Tommy Fury makes career-threatening promise over Jake Paul boxing match

Tommy Fury says he'll retire if he loses jake paul fightYouTube: Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions

Reality TV star Tommy Fury says he’ll “100 percent retire” if he loses to rival influencer Jake Paul in their highly-anticipated boxing match at the end of this month.

Tommy Fury will finally touch gloves with longtime rival Jake Paul on February 26 after canceling on the YouTube star on two separate occasions in the past.

At first, the two were set to face off in the ring in December 2021, but a last-minute injury reportedly stopped their bout from taking place.

In Summer 2022, Tommy pulled out of yet another match with ‘The Problem Child’ due to travel difficulties that prevented him from entering the United States.

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Tommy Fury says he’ll “100% retire” if he loses to Jake Paul

Now, following the birth of his firstborn child, Fury is making good on his promise at last… and says he’ll face some dire, self-imposed consequences if he loses this time.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Fury claimed that he would actually retire from the family business of boxing if he loses to Jake Paul in their upcoming bout — but says he’s confident that he won’t actually have to do so.

“If you lose the fight — I know you think you won’t, but you have to answer yes or no — if you were to lose it against Jake Paul, would you retire?” a host asked.

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“Yes, 100 percent, definitely,” he answered. “If I can’t beat Jake Paul, I don’t belong in the ring.”

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Despite both his brother and father being in the boxing world, Tommy has other pursuits that have made him somewhat of a household name — his wide social media following being one of them, on top of his former stint on Love Island.

For now, Fury is adamant that he’s going to show up on Fight Night despite being a no-show for their press conference on February 8. In fact, Jake claims he’s even got a replacement fight lined up, should something prevent his British rival from following through. (You know what they say, fool me once…)

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