Hasan pokes fun at his controversial “cracker” ban ahead of Twitch return

Brad Norton
Hasan posing for Instagram
Instagram: HasanPiker

One week after Hasan Piker’s surprise Twitch ban and the ongoing ‘cracker controversy’ hasn’t slowed down one bit as the popular streamer fanned the flames once again while announcing his return.

Twitch has been lashing out at streamers using the controversial term ‘cracker’ of late. While Hasan was among the biggest names to be banned on the platform as a result, many other streamers have been hit with similar punishments since.

Use of the term saw his account blocked temporarily but that didn’t put an end to the drama. From Ethan Klein to xQc, many of the internet’s biggest stars chimed in with their own take.

While some supported the ban, others were quick to joke about the situation. Now, Hasan has continued to poke fun at his latest ban ahead of an imminent return.

Hasan Piker during Twitch stream
Twitch: HasanAbi
Hasan’s latest ban marked his third suspension on the platform.

Upon confirmation that his Twitch ban was lifted on December 20, exactly one week after it was stripped away, Hasan shared the news with a cheeky image; his body was edited into a pile of crackers to not so subtly throw shade at the streaming giant. “Bing Bong!” his caption added, leaning into the latest viral trend.

On top of dragging out the cracker controversy, Hasan also shared some news with his latest post. With his ban now out the way, the mega-popular streamer has locked in his return for 11AM PT on Tuesday, December 21.

There’s no telling exactly what he’ll be getting up to during this first broadcast back. However, it’s safe to assume the first topic of conversation will be none other than his Twitch ban.

If Hasan refuses to play by the rules and continues to use the term, ironically or not, there’s every chance another ban could follow close behind.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Hasan’s return stream to keep you posted if any further details emerge, and if the “cracker” controversy actually continues.