Ethan Klein slams Twitch bans over “cracker” controversy after Hasan suspension

h3h3 hasanEthan Klein/Hasan

YouTube star Ethan Klein has criticized Twitch’s decision to ban Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, as well as two other streamers, for their use of the word “cracker” on stream. 

Hasan and two other streamers were banned from Twitch on December 13 allegedly for their use of the word “cracker” on stream.

Since then other streamers, like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, have chimed in on the controversy offering a defense of Twitch saying the use of the word was “trashy.”

Now, H3H3’s Ethan Klein has offered a defense of the exiled Twitch star and a critique of how the platform has handled the situation.

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Hasan has one of the biggest followings on all of Twitch.

H3H3 backs Hasan during Twitch ban

Ethan Klein shared his thoughts on the ban in a tweet on December 14.

He said, “Nobody was offended when I did white face because it’s a stupid joke with no real consequences & no history of oppression.”

Ethan included a picture of him in “white face” in the tweet, which comes from a video of his back in 2016 which was titled, “MTV Hates White Guys.

The YouTuber added, “Twitch banning “cracker” is giving oxygen to white identity politics & putting white grievances on equal footing with actual oppressed people.”

Ethan worries that Twitch banning its streamers over the use of “cracker” puts the word a pedestal typically held for much harsher phrases.

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Hasan and Ethan have become quite close since the two launched their podcast “Leftovers” together in September 2021, and the duo will surely discuss Hasan’s ban in the next installment of the show.