Ludwig calls out Twitch over shock Recaps snub: “Easier to lie I guess”

Isaac McIntyre
Ludwig mad on YouTube stream.
Twitch: Ludwig

Ludwig Ahgren has taken a swipe at Twitch over their decision to exclude him from the platform’s yearly Recaps despite his historic subathon firing him to the top of the platform’s all-time subscriber records earlier this year.

YouTube’s newest star Ludwig was left stunned on December 15 after discovering he had been excluded from the yearly Twitch Recaps due to his platform swap.

Ludwig enjoyed an immense year of streaming, raking in nearly two million new followers and inking his name into Twitch history with a 31-day subathon. Despite a mighty 12 months, however, the 26-year-old ⁠— who we put second in our best Twitch stars of the year ⁠— was barred from the platform’s Recaps.

It was a decision that blindsided many Twitch fans and streamers alike, not least of all Ludwig himself, who addressed his shock snub from the popular yearly wrap early on in his December 15 stream.

“Look, I should have seen it coming,” Ludwig admitted.

He continued: “I’m bummed that I was completely removed. I understand it from a business perspective, [but] it’s sad to be erased from so many people’s years.”

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YouTube: Ludwig
Ahgren admits he was blindsided by his shock Twitch Recaps exclusion.

The star made the surprising discovery just hours after the Twitch Recaps went live, and immediately called out his old platform for their decision.

“Did I tell you guys? I got removed from Twitch’s yearly recap. They cracked me out of it, eliminated. Ludwig? Gone. My channel? Gone!” he said. “They didn’t cut categories, so you can see who watched me via that, which is funny, but yeah they got me… exiled, admonished, rocked, rolled.

“It’s sad to be erased from so many people’s years.”

“I’ll be honest, it’s a bummer. It’s not the end of the world, but I am disappointed that they did it. I think I understand it, from Twitch’s perspective. They don’t want to promote a creator from YouTube, when they could just lie.

“It’s easier to lie, I guess,” he continued, “and just promote all the streamers that [fans] watched that they still have [on the site]. So I think I get it… maybe.”

Twitch recaps
Twitter: Leckey__ / Eboncloak
Twitch Recaps have become a yearly tradition for the popular streaming platform.

Ludwig went on to explain that, even if he did partially understand Twitch’s decision, especially after he defected to YouTube in the final days of 2021, the choice still didn’t sit entirely right with him either way.

“Thinking about it, it doesn’t actually make all that much sense, but like, go off king! Enjoy yourself. Twitch does these things, so it’s not like I didn’t know. I should have been wary. When Ninja left Twitch they used his dead channel to promote other streamers, so it’s not like a new thing really.

“It’s kinda in the same vein,” he said. “I didn’t think I was Twitch’s main competition, but maybe I am. I didn’t realize that. Anyway, what can you do? It’s whatever.”

Outside of several platform bans early on in his YouTube career, Ahgren’s decision to exchange Twitch purple for Google-owned red has been a relatively seamless transition and a growing success.

Unlike many who make the trade, Ludwig’s viewing numbers have barely waned, and in places even climbed past his original Twitch stats. In December alone he’s recorded 10.1m more video views than his past averages, and is well on track to hit two and a half million subscribers by early next year.

The star did make sure to still thank his Twitch fans, even if he was excluded from Recaps: “Thanks to everyone who watched me. I appreciate you.”