Gabbie Hanna and RiceGum in talks for potential boxing match

Ricegum gabbie hanna boxing matchYouTube: RiceGum, The Gabbie Show

The most unexpected influencer boxing match of all time could be happening between RiceGum and Gabbie Hanna, if text messages between the two are anything to go by.

RiceGum and Gabbie Hanna are both fairly popular YouTubers, although each has weathered their fair share of drama in the past. However, it seems that there’s still a grudge between them due to a major scandal from four years ago.

In 2017, the YouTubers were attending the same party when Gabbie decided to “challenge” RiceGum to a rap battle, as recorded in a series of Snapchat stories. The two went back and forth for a bit while sitting on a sofa before Hanna’s story cut to a darkened corner, showing her wearing a shocked expression.

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According to Hanna, RiceGum “didn’t think that joke was very funny and he hit me in the middle of a party and shattered my phone.”

It appears that this drama is still a topic of conversation between the two, with RiceGum pulling up purported text messages with Hanna during a live stream that showed him proposing a fight with her.

“Yo, set up that boxing match with me,” RiceGum asks.

“I’ve deada** thought about it and figured there would be 0% chance you’d be down,” Hanna replies.

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“You said it in this video,” RiceGum answers, linking a video of Hanna’s Snapchat stories from 2017. “People would go crazy $$$.”

“Damn, sure did, I forgot about that,” she responded. “I’m open to exploring it and getting some rates / offers.”

This potential bout certainly comes as a surprise, as the entire internet currently has their eyes fixed on the upcoming match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather (not to mention YouTubers vs TikTokers and Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley).

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While this would be the first time a male and female influencer throw down in the ring, it isn’t the first time a woman content creator has been interested in boxing; Tana Mongeau notably called out her ex-girlfriend, Bella Thorne, for a match, which seemed to be accepted by none other than Corinna Kopf.

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait to see if this possibility bears any fruit.