Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather will have no winners announced and fans are furious

Logan Paul vs. Floyd MayweatherShowtime

YouTube star Logan Paul is set to face off against 50-0 boxing champ Floyd Mayweather on June 6 — but the fight’s rules state that their highly anticipated bout will have no official winner.

Logan Paul has taken influencer boxing in an entirely new direction. While he helped pioneer the growing trend via his infamous rivalry with fellow YouTuber KSI, no one expected him to score a bout with the one and only Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

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The news was first speculated, then officially revealed in Fall 2020, although no date was set for some time. While a date of February 20, 2021 was initially penned, their fight was delayed to June 6.

While just about everyone is interested in tuning in to see how the eldest Paul brother holds up against one of boxing’s most prolific fighters, it seems that some of the hype surrounding the event has dwindled after the bout’s rules were revealed.

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Logan Paul vs Mayweather posterInstagram: Logan Paul
YouTube star Logan Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will face off on June 6.

The fight’s rules were released from the Florida Commission on June 2, and stated that the showdown will have no judges nor an official winner.

Understandably, fans are disappointed, as viewers were hoping to see the winner recognized with the usual flair — but all hope might not be lost.

Despite this being an exhibition match, knockouts are legal, and both fighters will go without headgear and will be using 12 oz gloves. The two will duke it out for eight 3-minute rounds — although the jury is out on if Paul can go the distance with Mayweather.

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Even Logan Paul himself isn’t a huge fan of these rules — but he seems pretty jazzed about the potential for a knockout.

It’s clear from these rules that a knockout is expected, and expectations are highly divided among fans of Logan and Mayweather, alike. Much like Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., it appears that a winner will have to be chosen by popular opinion… and considering Mayweather’s current grudge against Jake for stealing his hat, it looks like the champ will come out guns blazing.

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Fans can tune into Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather via Fanmio on Showtime PPV on June 6.