Durte Dom faces more sexual misconduct allegations as new claims surface

Charlotte Colombo

On Saturday 20 March, in the wake of various allegations against David Dobrik, two more people made accusations against Vlog Squad member Durte Dom. Both accusers said that Dom was sexually inappropriate towards them.

The first accuser is TikTok user ‘whoaannellyy’, who said that she had to hide in the bathroom and pretend to throw up to avoid having sex with “creepy” Durte Dom.

Meanwhile, another TikToker called ‘notkaiamarie’ alleged in her post that Dom invited her and roommate over to his apartment.

Claiming that he gave her “r*pey vibes,” she says in the video that he asked her to buy him a Subway sandwich after she refused to sleep with him.


These claims come after Durte Dom was accused of sexual assault from an occasion in 2018 during a Vlog Squad shoot, where the accuser said that they were “too incapacitated” to consent to sexual activity.

Earlier this month, Dom released a YouTube addressing the sexual assault accusations wagered against David by Seth Francois. Saying that Seth was “a good friend of [his] to this day, he said in the video, which is entitled ‘Addressing the Drama’, that David “needs to deal with” the situation with Seth.

Dom is yet to respond to these latest claims.

What other allegations have been made against the Vlog Squad?

Leader of the Vlog Squad, David Dobrik, has recently faced the consequences of accusations being made against him as various brands such as EA Sports, Audible, HBO, and General Mills confirmed that they were cutting ties with him.

These allegations come after David Dobrik, the most prominent member of the Vlog Squad, faced a range of allegations related to bullying and sexual misconduct.

A lot of the claims against David came from people who had previously worked with him as part of the Vlog Squad. As well as Nik ‘BigNik’ Keswani claiming that working with David made him feel “worthless“, Seth Francois accused Dobrik of sexually assaulting him in 2017 by “forcing” him to participate in a “kiss prank.

While Dobrik along with Scotty Sire tried to disprove Francios claims via text message receipts, he later uploaded an apology video to YouTube entitled: ‘Let’s Talk.’

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has also been vocal about alleged mistreatment she faced by David in the past on social media, YouTube and the ‘Frenemies’ podcast with H3H3 Productions founder Ethan Klein.