Dr Disrespect drops another cheeky hint that he wants to buy a CDL team

Activision Blizzard/Dr Disrespect

The Two-Time, Dr Disrespect has yet again hinted that he wants to buy a Call of Duty League team in a teaser that was hidden away in what initially appears to be a totally unrelated tweet.

Over the last year, the meme that Doc should own his own CDL team has taken on a life of its own, with the streamer really leaning into the idea of helming his own top-flight Call of Duty squad.

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The Two-Time has even gone so far as to speculate how he would build his own “powerhouse” squad, and even naming legendary pro Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow as the first big-name player he would sign. Now, months later, it seems like he still hasn’t given the idea up.

On March 20, he posted a tweet featuring a preview image of his new book, with his face staring back right on the cover. It wasn’t the book that drew most people’s attention though, it was the to-do list sitting right next to it.

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Coming in at #2 on the list, right behind “TimmyTenders ‘Bro’ Montage” in reference to TimTheTatman, was an item that simply read “Announce CDL team.”

Doc’s “to-do” list

  1. TimmyTenders “Bro” Montage
  2. Announce CDL Team
  3. Send Nickmercs a real workout program
  4. Carry CouRage to Platinum

Knowing Doc, it’s a 99.9% chance he’s just leaning into the joke here, but it does get you thinking what it would be like if the streamer actually owned a team. Where would they be based? Would it be a new team or an already existing one? Could their name be the “Disrespects?”

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Dr Disrespect
Doc’s “To-Do” list makes it seem like he’ll be having a busy 2021.

Leave it to the Two-Time to make a background joke that actually ends up becoming the most-speculated part of his tweet, which was originally meant to promote his upcoming book.

So, will Doc blow our minds and announce his very own CDL franchise sometime soon?

That remains to be seen, but we do know we’ll have to wait for that before seeing the workout program made for NICKMERCS and for him carrying CouRage to Platinum in Valorant.

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