What was GeorgeNotFound accused of? Sexual assault allegations and response explained

Shay Robson
GeorgeNotFound and Caitibugzz at their streaming setups

Minecraft streamer and YouTube star George ‘GeorgeNotFound’ Davidson faced accusations of sexual assault.

On March 9, Twitch streamer ‘Caitibugzz’ alleged on her broadcast that she had been sexually assaulted by a “significantly older” and “popular content creator” at the beginning of summer 2023.

The streamer didn’t directly name her abuser initially, however, claimed she was inappropriately touched while intoxicated by a creator eight years older than her.

Caitibugzz explained her abuser “disguised” their nonconsensual touching by asking if she was “ticklish.” Fans quickly began pointing at GeorgeNotFound, with many claiming the Twitch streamer is known for having a “weird tickling kink.”

GeorgeNotFound’s initial response to allegations

The Minecraft star initially responded in a now-deleted post on Twitter/X, claiming he’d be addressing the assault accusations in a future live stream once he gathers all the evidence.

“I will be doing a very serious stream later today, this post is just to make that clear,” he wrote. “I am gathering all the information and evidence to share.”

He added: “I have never and would never break someone’s sexual boundaries or assault anyone.”

GeorgeNotFound deleted apology post
GeorgeNotFound first responded in a now-deleted post on Twitter/X.

Caitibugzz confirms assault from GeorgeNotFound

Caitibugzz didn’t name who she was assaulted by at first. However, after fingers were pointed at GeorgeNotFound, who had already responded, the 19-year-old confirmed that it was in fact the creator she was talking about.

Caitibugzz hit back at George’s response on Twitter/X on March 11: “We are waiting,” she wrote. “Pull whatever you can find, I also have screen recorded everything. I planned on using it to support my case IF needed, but please, share it on my behalf if you’d like.”


Her statement continued: “Because we both know what happened. That’s why I can sleep at night without scrambling for screenshots to try and twist. That’s why you’re scared, because me and every other creator know the truth. And you do too. That’s something you have to live with.”

Caitibugzz added: “Yes I was naive. But I have room to change. To grow up. 8 years exactly. And when I’m your age, I’ll be 10x the person you are. And you will always be the 27-year-old. Still acting like a child. I am not scared of you anymore. I’ve been waiting so long to say this but… you’re a f**king coward. Goodbye for now.”

GeorgeNotFound responds after sexual assault accusations

Finally, on March 11, GeorgeNotFound released a full response to Caitibugzz’s allegations. The Minecraft star explained he first met Caiti in Dream’s hotel room, having not known who she was beforehand.

He made note that the streamer and her group had already been at a VidCon after-party, known for its strict security, and claimed she and her friends were wearing ‘over 21’ wristbands.

“I am with people that are over the age of 21, in a scenario where we’re doing things that people over the age of 21 are doing, like drinking. Also, the people that came, came from an event where they had very heavy security. This was an official VidCon after-party, and with previous VidCon after-parties, I even had trouble getting into these events.”

GeorgeNotFound did acknowledge that Caiti did have her age in her Instagram bio, although claims he did not see it at the time. Still, Caiti alleged she answered a question as part of a drinking game, where she stated she was 18 and still a virgin. However, GeorgeNotFound explained he couldn’t recall. “I just don’t remember this happening,” he said.

“I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I did not hear it happen. We’re not all just sitting down, it’s a chaotic environment. I could’ve been getting a drink. I could’ve been talking to someone else. I did not know that was said.”

Caiti explained she and her friends were encouraged to drink, which George believes is phrased in a way to make out that he and his friends were “preying on them.”

“They had already been drinking before they arrived, they were drunk. The way this is phrased makes us out to look like we’re ‘preying’ on them, and forcing them to drink when they didn’t want to,” he responded. “That’s not the case. And as I mentioned earlier they were the ones asking to play the drinking games before they even arrived.”

George admits he placed his hand on Caiti’s waist under her shirt. Although he explained this wasn’t sudden, as they gradually got more intimate throughout the night. “The way this is phrased makes it sound like it just happened out of nowhere. In reality, we had been cuddling for about an hour at this point, and was not out of nowhere,” he said.

The Twitch star continued: “It was also about half an hour till I started moving my hand further up. And the way it’s phrased makes it seem like it happened pretty instantly and pretty quickly. There was nothing quick about it. It was very slow, and I was very cautious about it in making sure she was comfortable throughout the process. Me and Caiti were very touchy, very cuddly, and very slowly got more intimate.”

He clarified that the furthest the two went was George touching the streamer under her shirt, while she was still “engaging” with him the entire time by smiling, laughing, and even play fighting.

GeorgeNotFound Minecraft stream
GeorgeNotFound has gained over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, known for his involvement in the Dream SMP.

Caitibugzz slams GeorgeNotFound’s response

Caitibuggz released a full statement on Twitter/X to hit back at George’s response, where he addressed her allegations of sexual assault.

Caitibuggz made it clear she finds it “f**king insane” that her allegations were being debated despite the Twitch star admitting to “touching” her while she was drunk without first getting verbal consent.

She also provided various screenshots for “proof” of the alleged sexual assault and addressed several points made throughout both George’s and Dream’s responses to the allegations.


George himself has also released another response. On March 12, the 27-year-old explained his perspective had changed “massively” after new information was brought to his attention.

“Since reading Caiti’s newest post, my perspective on that night and my overall conclusion has massively changed as she introduced new information that I was not aware of at all before,” he wrote.


George added: “I have much more I will say, but for now, Caiti I am sorry. I am so sorry. I really hope you can hear my words and try to understand that I did not have any bad intentions. That does not change the fact that you were hurt. I will be saying more soon.”

GeorgeNotFound issues another response to Caitibugzz

George has issued another statement in response to the sexual assault allegations, in which the Minecraft star has posted a 27 minute YouTube video titled: “My response.”

With Caitibugzz responding to his initial response and providing more information, George has broken down the situation further and directly adressed these.

George adressed the cuddling: “I do think a lot of cuddling was initiated by me, but some of it wasn’t. I was also drunk, but my impression at the time was that it was very mutual.”

Timestamp of 8:46

He later stated: “I don’t think just cuddling is an invitation for anything. I only brought the cuddling up because it’s something that she didn’t mention at all in her original stream. And again, it’s something that I think people need to know about to understand my perspective fully.”

At 17:38, George ended by stating that he was unaware of Caitibugzz’s age during the situation: “I wasn’t aware at the time that she was 18. I mentioned that they had come from an official VidCon afterparty, they were drunk, and I made the assumption that knowing how these events are run that she was probably over the age of 21, as they wouldn’t have been able to drink in there otherwise.”

To avoid this in future, he then stated: “It is irresponsible of me that I made this assumption and going forward, I will make sure to explicitly ask for a person’s age. And, I’m sorry, Caiti, that I did not do that for you.”

As it stands, neither GeorgeNotFound nor Caitibugzz has responded any further.