Durte Dom teases David Dobrik vlog comeback just 4 months after assault allegations

Durte Dom David DobrikInstagram: Durte Dom

Durte Dom has teased a potential David Dobrik vlog comeback on Instagram, although his comments may just be tongue-in-cheek. It comes four months after the former Vlog Squad member was disowned over sexual assault allegations.

David Dobrik is returning to his weekly vlogging schedule, despite allegations of harassment being leveled against the Vlog Squad, just months after the controversy took over YouTube.

However, one former member of the Vlog Squad has teased his return, and fans aren’t pleased.

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Disgraced member Durte Dom, real name Dominykas Zeglaitis, mentioned in Dobrik’s Instagram post announcing his return to weekly vlogs that he might be playing a part in the new videos.

“Can’t wait for my comeback. Thanks for putting me in the new vlog,” he said.

Durte Dom comment David Dobrik vlog returnInstagram
Durte Dom’s comment on Dobrik’s return vlog divided fans.

The comment did not please fans of Dobrik, who called for Dom to be “locked up” after claims emerged in March 2021 of the star ⁠sexually assaulting someone “too intoxicated to consent” during filming in 2018.

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“Even before all of this came to light you were already out of the vlogs for a reason. This just shows you have not grown as a person or learned from your mistakes. Be better,” one commenter said.

It’s unclear whether Dom’s comment is serious, or just a tongue-in-cheek reply to Dobrik’s post. He did not appear in the return vlog, which was posted on June 15.

Durte Dom hasn’t uploaded on YouTube since his March 10 “addressing the drama” video, which has over three million views. He made his return to Instagram on June 8 with an advertising post.

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He also apologized back in April, but believed his “character” was “being unfairly attacked and the statements that exist in the public eye are unfairly defaming.”

David Dobrik also apologized in March for Dom’s behavior, saying “I’m sorry that I took Dom’s word for what happened in those certain situations and I didn’t believe [the victims].”

Dobrik’s first vlog back, including Corinna Kopf and friends, showed footage of his holiday to Hawaii which was cut short after fans spotted the star on the island. It has gotten nearly 2 million views in under six hours.

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