Vlog Squad’s Durte Dom apologizes & responds to ‘unfair’ allegations

YouTube, Durte Dom

After weeks of silence, former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom has finally responded to a series of recent allegations made against him for sexually inappropriate behavior.

Over the past month or so, David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad have been beset by a long list of accusations surrounding sexual impropriety and assault. At the center of a number of these allegations has been Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis, who had not responded to any until now.

The first allegations surfaced on March 17, 2021, when Dom was accused of sexual assault during a Vlog Squad content filming session back in 2018. As she explained, she was underage and after being given alcohol by the content creators, was “too intoxicated to consent” when Dom ‘took advantage’ of her.

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Then, on March 20, two more women alleged that Dom was sexually inappropriate toward them. Although Dobrik has posted two apologies responding to the recent accusations toward himself and his Vlog Squad, Dom had yet to officially respond to anything — until now.

durte dom apologyInstagram, @durtedom
Durte Dom’s apology and response to allegations.

In a post shared to his Instagram story, Dom takes two paragraphs to apologize, explain that he finds the accusations “misleading,” and make it known that he has donated money to charity. Just judging by reactions across social media, people don’t seem thrilled with the latter two prongs of his three-pronged response.

Dom starts by expressing empathy with his accusers: “I want to sincerely apologize directly to the women involved in this incident. I definitely empathize with the pain that everyone has suffered in this matter.”

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Then, he continues to counter those accusers’ allegations: “As far as I am concerned, everything that occurred during the night in question was completely consensual. I believe the statements that have come out against me are entirely misleading and shed an incorrect light on my involvement.”

durte dom apology reactions

As Twitter replies show, people don’t find the latter parts of his apology to be convincing. Dom says that his “character is being unfairly attacked,” but social media appears unconvinced. Various reactions surround how “late” this apology is and how denial during an apology fails to show real accountability.

Wanting to “show the world who I truly am,” Dom explains that he has “donated my time as well as thousands of dollars to several women’s right groups.” A cursory glance at social media shows that people are not impressed by this statement and have instead focused more on Dom’s assertion that he has been “unfairly attacked.”

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