Dr Disrespect’s ‘Doctober’ Halloween cosplay contest is back with insane prizes

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect Doctober 2021 contest

It’s Halloween time once again and that means legendary streamer Dr Disrespect will be holding his annual ‘Doctober’ cosplay contest and the prizes are terrifyingly cool.

As is Halloween tradition, people get dressed up in costumes, but for Doctober, the two-time wants his fans to steal his iconic look.

Dr Disrespect’s signature style of a black mullet, shades, and bright red vest have made him more than just any other streamer on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or D-Live. He’s more like a pro-wrestler and video games are his ring.

This means that there are plenty of ways for fans willing to compete in the contest to participate. Just use your imagination and have fun. Here’s how you can play.

Doctober 2021 contest
It’s Halloween and that means it’s Doctober time!

How to compete in Dr Disrespect’s Doctober contest

The rules are very straightforward, but be sure to pay attention, because one wrong move could render your entry completely void.

First, the hard part: you need to dress up in the best Dr Disrespect costume you can think of. Unless you happen to have everything you need just lying around, you’ll probably need to go to a store to buy some materials.

Just keep in mind, that TimTheTatman pulled off a pretty good Doc cosplay by just wearing some shades while showing off a vest. So, don’t feel like you need to grow to a 6’6 freak of nature to dress up as the two-time.

Check out five of our favorite Dr Disrespect cosplays from last year’s Doctober if you need some help finding inspiration.

Next, take a photo or video of yourself in your costume. If you’re doing a video, we recommend having someone hold the camera while you strut your violence, speed and momentum.

Finally, you need to tweet your photo or video using the hashtag “#Doctober2021.” Not 2020, not 2022. 2021. The current year we are in. Got it? You better, because there are some awesome prices at stake that can be yours.

Dr Disrespect games
Are you brave enough to steal his look?

Doctober 2021 prizes revealed

The two-time isn’t one to cut corners and when it comes to costume contests, the ante gets upped. This year, there are prizes on the line for first, second and third place.

If your entry is good enough to come third, you’ll win a merch package, signed peripherals and a permanent spot in Dr Disrespect’s $9 Trillion state-of-the-art arena.

Second place will get everything that third place wins, but additionally, your peripherals will be ones used by the Doc himself. Who knows – you might even get the mouse he used to land one of his best Warzone snipes to date.

Now, if your costume is really good and you end up taking home the grand prize, not only will you get everything previously listed, but you’ll also get a pair of signed Oakley glasses and the chance to duo with Doc himself.

Be forewarned, though, because last year’s winner is already looking to go back-to-back and if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Lamborghini engines, because Doctober 2021 is off to the races.

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