Dr Disrespect blasts Warzone solos for “unbelievable” Stopping Power problems

Warzone Dr Disrespect Solos Stopping PowerActivision / YT: Dr Disrespect

YouTube’s moustached maverick Dr Disrespect has slammed Warzone’s Solos, criticizing them for Stopping Power and hitting out at Raven for “not thinking” about their game enough. 

Since his acrimonious – and still weirdly opaque – departure from Twitch, Dr Disrespect’s YouTube following has been loving his variety of content, seeing his time split between Warzone, Apex Legends, and, recently, Hunt: Showdown.

September 30 saw the Doc carrying out a classic stream structure – switching between the three until he achieved a win in all.

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However, during his time in Verdansk, the two-time unloaded on Warzone for its solo issues and Raven’s ‘lack of thought’ when it comes to dealing with the mode.

Warzone character running away from an explosionActivision
Warzone’s solo mode has become incredibly popular since the game launched.

While milling around Downtown, The Doc came under heavy fire from an enemy wielding the TEC-9 SMG and, despite his best efforts, was swiftly eliminated.

The killcam revealed the enemy was using Stopping Power, which appeared to be the final straw.

“He has Stopping Power,” he exploded. “Oh my god! Like that exchange, it doesn’t f**king make sense. He’s all over the place, he’s got Stopping Power. Unbelievable man. F**king game sucks man. I’ve said it many times and I’ll continue to say it, it’s got the potential to be a really incredible solo experience, but because it’s not thought out at the studio, they’re not thinking about it… it’s just the worst solo BR experience.”

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Timestamp: 2:57:45

Despite his frustrations and explosion, the Doc did say that just a “couple” of major changes could be enough to swing the solo experience back into the positives.

What he highlighted was Raven’s ‘lack of thinking’ when it comes to Warzone, and catering the BR specifically to solos.

It’s not the first time Stopping Power has been criticized, with a host of content creators preferring Iron Trials 84′; a mode that does not include Stopping Power or Dead Silence. It’s not yet a permanent mode, though.

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