TimTheTatman’s Dr Disrespect cosplay earns Doc’s stamp of approval

TimTheTatman cosplays as Dr DisrespectTwitch/TimTheTatman/DrDisrespect

Twitch legend Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar pulled off a ridiculous Dr Disrespect cosplay on stream and ended up winning the respect of the two-time himself with his look.

Tim and Dr Disrespect are two of the streaming world’s best friends, constantly ripping on each other on social media all in good fun.

Now, Betar has turned up the heat and shared his best impression of the YouTube streamer during a recent broadcast.

On July 27, Tim was showing off his incredible TimTheTatman Chipotle Supply kit that came equipped with a box full of goodies such as a flask, compass and other items.

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The best part of the whole package, however, was a vest similar to the icon one worn by Dr Disrespect on-stream, minus the bright red colors.

After walking off stream to put it on, Tim returned wearing the vest and some dark sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

“The name is Timmy Tenders,” he said upon sitting down. In a Twitter video of his stream, Tim even went as far as to add in music and an echo to make himself sound even more like the two-time.

“Just to be clear, these are my Oakleys,” he added as a disclaimer. “I thought it would be funny because it’s like Doc. But they sent me this vest and look, it’s actually dope!”

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Amusingly, his fans began spamming “Dr Foodrespect” in the chat, giving Tim a new name for when he wears his Doc-inspired cosplay.

Doc himself seemed to approve of the cosplay, replying with a video of himself at an NBA game with confetti raining down from above.

Sadly, because of Doc’s mysterious and permanent ban from Twitch back on June 26, 2020, the two have been unable to play games such as Warzone with each other. Tim even went as far as to claim that Twitch could have an issue if he played with Doc off-stream.

Still, it’s good to see their friendship remains strong. It’s also highly unlikely that Twitch takes action against Tim for the cosplay as other streamers, such as TSM Viss have done entire streams dressed as the two-time.

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Hopefully, we will get to see Tim and Doc play games with each other again some time in the future, especially if Tim can do it dressed as he was on stream.