Dr Disrespect fan makes big mistake comparing his stream to TimTheTatman’s

dr disrespect screamingYouTube: DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect absolutely roasted a fan on stream after they complained in chat about the length of his intros, comparing them to TimTheTatman’s. 

Ever since TimTheTatman moved to YouTube and reunited with Dr Disrespect on September 1, the duo has played together nearly every day since.

Their streams aren’t without plenty of friendly banter, however, as they’ve gone as far as trolling each other with their respective stream thumbnails and Doc has been quite vocal with his feelings about Tim’s Warzone highlight videos.

When a fan took to the Champions Club founder’s stream and mentioned that his stream intros are longer than Tim’s, Doc mocked the fan as he read it as he told the fan to “get the f**k out of here.”

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Dr Disrespect roasts fan

On his October 29 stream, the creator read the message out loud, mocking the fan: “Your intros are longer than Tims, ughhhhhh, says Brian f**king Fuentes.”

The Two-Time has gained popularity over the years thanks to his high-production skits that often make up a portion of the beginning of each stream, and are usually followed by time spent talking to his community before getting into whatever game he decided to play that day.

Dr Disrespect didn’t hold back any feelings towards the fan for his comments as he quickly clapped back with his own response: “Get the f**k out of here, I hate these little b***hes, I hate the b***hy attitude of people these days. Sensitive, b***hy, hand-fed attitude. GET HIM OUT!”

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(Timestamp at 41:48 in the video below)

Doc quickly calmed down after ranting about the fan’s comment as he smiled while he told his chat: “cause I’m feeling good tonight.”

Long-time fans of the creator know that he’s not someone to hold back his thoughts about other people, fans or not, as Doc has proven in the past with his roast of NICKMERCS and that time a fan told him to open Apex Legends packs on stream.

Maybe next time, this “chubby cheek” will think twice before making a comparison.