Dr Disrespect roasts viewer after telling him to open Apex Legends packs on stream

David Purcell
dr disrespect apex legends pack

Dr Disrespect has never been one to hold back his strong opinions and when an Apex Legends player donated to his stream to ask for a pack opening, let’s just say it didn’t end well. 

The YouTube streamer is one of the biggest in the streaming business, owning whatever game he plays from the time he goes live streaming until the time he calls it a day.

Following a trend in the streaming world right now, whether it’s on Twitch, YouTube, or other platforms, Doc has traded in Warzone for some Apex Legends.

Similar decisions have been taken from other major streamers, including NICKMERCS, CouRage, TimTheTatman, and the list goes on.

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Dr Disrespect wrecks donator after Apex Legends request

After going live on August 6, it didn’t take long for one of the viewers to ask him to open some Apex Legends packs – so he explained, in the only way he knows how, why that’s not really his thing.

For those who don’t know, Apex Packs are similar to Ultimate Team packs in FIFA. You pay to open them and inside can be everything from Crafting Metals to a Legendary Skin.

“Would you mind opening like 80 Apex Packs, Doc?” one viewer said, with their $4.99 donation. He quickly snapped back: “Is that content – sitting here opening packs? Me reacting to three little boxes and looking for a particular object?”

He then pitched an alternative vision for his stream, and not many would argue they would rather see him open packs. That’s for sure.

Timestamp in the video below at 51:54.6 – or full clip here.

Dr Disrespect added: “Or we go into a house, look a guy in his face, say you’ve got no chance. Demolish him. Knock him down. Reload the weapon. Swap shield, go outdoors, vertical climb to the top of the building. Look down at the second partner in the team, thrash his face once again, boom – knock his ass down.

“Now it’s a one versus one situation to win the game. Now, you tell me again… Do you want me to open Apex Packs? WRONG!”

Maybe next time the viewer will just go with the flow and let the Two-Time decide what he’s going to do. Clearly, even a donation wasn’t going to change his mind.

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