Dr Disrespect roasts NICKMERCS “kankles” as workout rivalry continues

Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCSYouTube / Twitter

Warzone streamer Dr Disrespect has fired back at NICKMERCS after the Twitch star roasted him on Twitter for ‘skipping leg day’ at the gym.

Dr Disrespect and NICKMERCS are two of the most popular Call of Duty streamers of all time, so it’s only natural that there’s some healthy rivalry between the two.

And with NICKMERCS recently starting to broadcast workout streams on Twitch alongside his usual Warzone and Fortnite content, it’s not just their gaming skills that are open to being roasted.

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In a tweet on July 22, NICKMERCS posted a photo of himself flexing at the gym alongside the caption, “Never skip leg day b*tch”. There was no subtweeting here, either, as he directly mentioned Dr Disrespect.

Followers of the two major streamers wondered if Doc would fire back at the tweet, and fortunately, it didn’t take him long to rise to the bait with an expert burn of his own.

Just a few hours later, the two-time champ replied with the following shady comment: “You wouldn’t keep up with me in anything related to ‘athletic movement’.”

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The final blow came when he accused NICKMERCS of having “kankles”.

It seems as though NICKMERCS has no intention of carrying on their light-hearted beef for now, though, as instead of responding to Doc he later tweeted that followers could “catch me at the f*ckin’ pool”.

Back in February, Dr Disrespect accused NICKMERCS of using “camera tricks” to make his muscles look bigger, and even offered to fly out to Florida to meet him in his own gym to compare.

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“All his traps flexing… it’s camera tricks! I’ll tell you right now, here’s one thing I’ll do. I’ll throw it out there. I’ll fly to Florida and meet him in his own gym. We’ll have a little workout session,” he said at the time.