Dr Disrespect fires back at TimTheTatman in epic YouTube thumbnail war

YouTube, Dr Disrespect

TimTheTatman decided to take a shot at Dr Disrespect with a YouTube stream thumbnail featuring the Doc’s face photoshopped onto a baby. Now, the Two-Time champion has taken things to the next level by starting an epic YouTube thumbnail war.

Just days after following DrLupo to YouTube, the leader of the Tatman Army revealed that his friendship with the Doc played a huge role in his move from Twitch to YouTube. The duo even went as far as joining together with Lupo to roast CouRage on their first stream back.

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Now that it’s been a few weeks since the duo reunited, it seems like they are still poking fun at each other — this time with specially edited thumbnails for their streams.

TimTheTatman poses with Dr DisrespectTwitter: TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect have been friends for years

The great YouTube thumbnail war

While going back to their roots and playing Call of Duty together, Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman have constantly mocked each other during their games.

On September 16, Tim decided to take things a step further and use an edited picture portraying himself carrying a baby two-time through an active battlefield as his stream thumbnail. After being spotted by the Doc, he tweeted: “What the hell is this?”

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Tim replied to the Doc’s tweet, asking what he’s talking about in which he replied “don’t worry, I won’t retaliate”

Unfortunately for the Tatman, that ended up being a false reply as the two-time champion is has gone live with his version of the hilarious thumbnail.


Doc’s image portrays that he may believe he carries both parties in their games, as well as giving Tim and the 100 Thieves co-owner participation trophies and lollipops.

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TimTheTatman may have reacted to Doc’s thumbnail choice with his own tweet, but we can’t help but wonder why Doc felt he needed to bring CouRage into the mix.