Disguised Toast roasts Twitch stars for "farming" LSF clips in first stream back - Dexerto

Disguised Toast roasts Twitch stars for “farming” clips in first stream back

Published: 26/Nov/2021 7:12

by Brad Norton


Just minutes into his Twitch return after parting ways with Facebook Gaming, Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang was quick to roast his competition on the platform, especially those that ‘farm’ the Livestream Fails (LSF) subreddit for attention.

After two years of streaming somewhat exclusively on Facebook Gaming, DisguisedToast parted ways with the platform on Nov. 18. A few days of mystery followed before the social media star confirmed his Twitch return.

Making his way back to the purple brand, Toast went live with his first proper Twitch shortly after the announcement. With tens of thousands tuned in live, he played everything from GTA RP to a throwback with Among Us, though not before addressing some competition on the platform.


“On my first day back on Twitch, I need to do what every Twitch streamer does,” he said just 30 minutes into his return broadcast. “Farm Livestream Fails.”

Reddit Livestream Fails
LSF has become a hub for streamer drama in recent years.

The LSF subreddit is often where streamer drama boils over. While the hub does occasionally highlight some heartwarming moments or hilarious fails, it’s dominated by comments from the biggest personalities.

Jokingly, Toast thought to take advantage of LSF now being back on Twitch. “[I’ll] react to it and have my viewers go in there,” he said. “Upvote everything related to me, downvote everything not related to me, and make sure to reply in the comments WHOMEGALUL.”


“That’s every LSF streamer right?” Toast said with a hint of sarcasm, deadpanning the camera. Ironically enough, his clip ripping into other streamers on LSF happened to blow up on LSF as well.

“He’s not wrong,” one user said in response. “He’s 100% right about how it works and the brigading being allowed is what caused the quality of the sub to crash.”

“I love it when they visibly upvote or downvote something on stream, their viewers respond like trained dogs,” another Redditor added.

While Toast is officially back on Twitch now, it hasn’t always been a positive platform for him. Prior to leaving for Facebook, he revealed a lowball offer from the Amazon-backed site that all but turned him away. “The offer from Twitch two years ago was about 1/30th [what Facebook offered]” he said.


There’s no telling what his current deal may look like in comparison. Though don’t expect to see another platform shift from the internet celeb anytime soon.