Disguised Toast returns to Twitch after leaving Facebook Gaming

toast returns to twitchTwitch: DisguisedToast

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has announced his return to Twitch just a week after his departure from Facebook Gaming. 

On November 17, Wang announced his departure from Facebook Gaming just two years after signing a contract that made the creator one of the major faces of the brand. Soon after the word spread that he was leaving, fans of Toast provided less than subtle suggestions that he move back to Twitch.

On November 22, the OfflineTV member responded to rumors about his return during an appearance on Kkatamina’s stream by asking viewers: “You think I should go to YouTube or Twitch, guys?”

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Just two days after responding, DisguisedToast has officially announced his new home—and he’s back on Twitch.

YouTube: Disguised ToastDisguised Toast originally started streaming with a slice of cardboard toast on his face.

Disguised Toast returns to Twitch

After a week of fans of the creator being dead-set on his return to the purple platform, he has released a video on Twitter explaining his decision.

In the video, he stated: “Hello, It’s been a while. Didn’t think I’d be back here so soon but here we are. Two years. Time for a new platform and I’m excited. This place, I always felt at home, and a lot of viewers and fans watch me on this platform. It just made sense.”

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When Wang signed his contract with Facebook, he was able to still stream Just Chatting content on his Twitch channel despite the company taking away his partner status.

However, now that he has returned back to where he originally started and has amassed over two million followers, the company gave the creator his status back.

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