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xQc reveals insane $300k McLaren 720s Spider despite not having a license

Published: 24/Nov/2021 15:58 Updated: 24/Nov/2021 16:01

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed a McLaren 720s Spider he claims to have purchased on stream, despite him not actually having a driver’s license.

xQc has had some fun streaming the new Forza Horizon 5 since the game launched on November 5.

The streamer even purchased a force-feedback steering wheel to play the game, which he ended up getting hilariously injured by while pulling a harsh turn.

It seems that xQc has gotten more into cars since playing Forza, though, as he now claims he’s purchased an incredibly expensive sports car.

xQc playing some Forza Horizon 5 using a steering wheel.

xQc buys $300,000 McLaren

During a Twitch stream on November 23, xQc pulled up pictures of a McLaren 720s Spider and claimed he bought one for himself, despite not knowing how to drive.


While showing off his new ride he said, “it’s a McLaren 720s Spider. Guys, I had to pull the trigger. I haven’t bought anything for myself in the past whatever years, dude. And when I saw this I just wanted it. That’s just what I want, it is what it is.”

xQc’s lack of driving skills has been well documented, which lead his viewers to believe this was an expert-level troll.

His purchase of the new McLaren came just two weeks after he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of him playing Forza Horizon 5 with the title “Man With No Drivers License Plays Forza Horizon 5.”


We won’t know for sure if xQc actually did buy the McLaren until it shows up at his doorstep, and even if it does, he won’t be able to drive it legally until he obtains a full license.

There is one thing to remember, though: if you see xQc out and about on the roads, we’d suggest you get out of the way.