Disguised Toast leaves Facebook Gaming – will he return to Twitch?

Alec Mullins
Streamer DisguisedToast standing in front of abrick wall with Twitch logo superimposed next to him.

Could DisguisedToast be on his way back to streaming on Twitch? His fans certainly seem to think that he’s on the move, following the end of his Facebook Gaming deal. 

Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang has released a statement about the end of his streaming partnership with Facebook after spending two years on the platform.

First announced back in Nov. 2019, the two sides partnered on an exclusive streaming agreement that would see Toast become one of the faces of the Facebook Gaming brand. Now that this stage is behind him though, the OfflineTV member’s community is already pushing for a full-time return to Twitch.

DisguisedToast moves on from Facebook Gaming

The wording of the statement makes his split seem definitive – and his supporters have wasted no time in letting the streamer know where he belongs.

Only minutes after the post went public, the replies were flooded with supportive comments and some less than subtle suggestions.

One user spelled things out pretty clearly saying: “TWICHHHH TOAST IS BACK”

Another fan suggested that DisguisedToast’s time with Facebook was a successful “heist” that was simply blocking the path back to Twitch.

If Wang does return to Twitch, this would be his first time playing games on the purple platform since signing the deal.

Toast has previously stated that he was allowed to stream on Twitch during his contract with Facebook – provided he didn’t play games at any point during the broadcast.

Facebook Gaming responds to Toast’s departure

Shortly after Toast broke the news, Facebook Gaming posted their own ‘thank you’ video for the streamer, highlighting some of his best moments as a part of the team.

When speaking with Dexerto about this development, a Meta spokesperson said: “From everyone at Facebook Gaming, we wish him the best. Thanks Toast for all the laughs and high IQ moments you brought to the Facebook Gaming community over the years.”

While his fans seem to have their eyes set on Twitch, Wang’s prowess at games like Among Us, Teamfight Tactics, and Hearthstone have netted him a 3.5 million subscriber following on YouTube as well, meaning the streamer has plenty of options for the next era of his career.


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