Disguised Toast teases Twitch return after leaving Facebook Gaming

disguisedtoast miyoung streamTwitch/DisguisedToast

After announcing his departure from Facebook Gaming, DisguisedToast went on kkatamina’s stream to tease his return to Twitch. 

OfflineTV member Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang announced his departure from Facebook Gaming on November 17. First announced back in November 2019, the two parties teamed up for an exclusive streaming agreement that made Toast become one of the major faces of the brand.

Almost instantly after he revealed that he was leaving on Twitter, his replies were flooded with fans calling for him to fully return to his channel on Twitch. Just hours after he broke the news, Wang took over kkatamina’s subathon and teased his return to the platform.

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DisguisedToast teases full Twitch return

In the early hours of November 18, during Miyoung ‘kkatamina’ Kim’s nearly record-setting subathon, DisguisedToast took over the stream to give Miyoung a break.

Almost immediately after sitting down in her chair, the OfflineTV member stared into the camera and said: “Well. Looks like I should practice streaming… on Twitch again.”

Right after his statement, Toast cracked a huge smile.

If Wang were to return to the Amazon-owned platform full-time, it would be his first time playing games on his channel since he signed his contract with Facebook Gaming. While the creator has streamed on Twitch recently, they have been just chatting streams with no gameplay involved.

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Even though many of his fans are calling for the creator to return to his Twitch channel with over two million followers, Wang’s talent on various games like Hearthstone and Among Us has helped the creator gain over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube as well, meaning he has plenty of options to choose from.

No matter what platform Toast chooses, we’re likely to still see him on streams with his fellow OfflineTV members as well as friends like Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Corpse.

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Update November 23, 2021 – Disguised Toast has revealed the date and time of his return stream with a tweet.

It reads: “Guess it’s time to start streaming again. Tomorrow, 10 am pst.”

Although fans now know when he’s returning, he still hasn’t announced what platform he’s going to be streaming on. We’ll have to wait until he goes live to see what website the creator chooses.

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