Bryce Hall responds to dating rumors after video of mystery woman goes viral

. 11 months ago
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TikTok star Bryce Hall is moving on from ex-girlfriend Addison Rae — but he isn’t here for any rumors or speculation regarding his current love life.

It seemed like Bryce Hall and Addison Rae would eventually end up becoming TikTok’s biggest power couple of all time — and, for a while, they were.

After nearly a year of their on-again, off-again romance, the two social media stars finally made it official in November 2020. However, their relationship didn’t last too long, as they broke up in March 2021 amid rumors of infidelity on both sides.

While nothing has been confirmed in regards to cheating claims, it seems that Addison has moved on to guitarist Omer Fendi, following speculation that she was dating Logan Paul and even rapper Jack Harlowe.

Bryce Hall Addison Rae selfie
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The breakup between Addison Rae and Bryce Hall marked the end of an already-confusing celebrity relationship.

Who is Bryce Hall dating?

For Bryce’s part, he’s been decidedly under the radar… until quite recently, when he began to post TikToks with fellow influencer Riley Hubatka.

Thanks to their clickbait thumbnails — which often show the two locking lips — it comes as little surprise that fans are convinced these two are seeing each other on the down low. However, Hall has repeatedly denied any claims of dating Hubatka, and now, he’s giving paparazzi a piece of his mind.

Paparazzi from The Hollywood Fix posted a photo to Instagram that showed Bryce Hall grabbing dinner with an unidentified “mystery woman” on August 7. While we don’t know exactly who she is, some fans are speculating that she could be influencer Claire Stone.

Bryce Hall responds to speculation

It seems that Hall took this speculation to heart and hit back at the rumors during a live stream a few days later, setting the record straight that he is not dating the unnamed lady, whatsoever.

“Can we get one thing straight?” Hall began. “There was a video that Hollywood Fix posted, and it looked like I was on a date with a chick. Guys, first off, I would 100% be open to take anyone on a f**kin’ date, but it wasn’t a date.”

“Rory was there,” he continued. “It was in a sushi restaurant, not even a nice one. Just kind of like an average sushi restaurant. …But, bottom line, it wasn’t a f**kin’ date. I wish that I could take someone on a date, but it wasn’t, and I hate that people try to make it look like it.”


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It looks like Hall isn’t messing around, and is thoroughly tired of fans and paparazzi spreading rumors about his relationships — especially when it seems like he isn’t romantically involved with anyone, at the moment.

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