Catherine McBroom responds to accusations she “stole” business idea from friend

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Catherine McBroom of the ACE Family has responded to accusations that she “stole” ideas for her businesses from her friend, Amanda, after her husband spoke out online.

Although immensely popular on YouTube with over 19 million subscribers, the ACE Family has come under a heavy amount of criticism for various different reasons.

Austin McBroom has been sued multiple times by companies and others that participated in the Battle of the Platforms boxing event, after fighters claimed they weren’t paid and LiveXLive accused him and Social Gloves of misrepresenting the event.

Catherine is also in legal trouble with a former business partner over her skincare brand 1212 Gateway, which has been receiving poor reviews from buyers in addition.

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The couple have been in the firing line a lot recently.

On August 12, Catherine responded to rumors that she “stole” business ideas from her friend and fellow content creator Amanda Clavon after someone asked about it on Snapchat.

This comes after Amanda’s husband Madison accused Catherine of taking her ideas in a series of Instagram stories, writing: “That whole plan and other things previous were Amanda’s ideas, even that crystal store.

“She was supposed to help Amanda blow it up and then took her ideas and used them for herself. Enough is enough,” he wrote, going on to say that Catherine “literally stole” Amanda’s plan from her.

In response to the fan asking about the allegations, Catherine wrote: “No, I’ve never stolen anyone’s ideas,” before going on to add, “as for him saying I stole an idea of hers; come to find out my friend has plans to start her new business selling crystal boxes (I know that) and he saw that I posted my pop up and thought I opened a crystal store… when in reality I was just having a last-minute event at my friend’s shop.”


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She went on to explain he sent her an apology after the public drama and “feels badly about his mistake,” going on to tell those reading her response not to bully anyone involved.

With Catherine planning on starting up a solo YouTube channel, it looks like there’ll be plenty of new projects to come for the influencer.