Bryce Hall under fire after joking that he “made” Addison Rae

YouTube: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall is facing backlash after joking that he made ex-girlfriend Addison Rae famous on a recent episode of Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk podcast.

‘Braddison’ was once the most popular influencer pairing on the internet. The social media stars were on-again, off-again for some time before finally confirming their romance in November 2020.

Unfortunately, their “official” relationship would be short-lived. The couple was plagued with cheating rumors not long after going public, prompting a slew of speculation that fans agree most likely led to their split in March 2021.

Their breakup was not amicable; Hall slammed Rae for putting their parting on “social media,” claiming their split was “very one-sided.” Rae, for her part, was fairly tight-lipped about the situation.

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Addison Rae Bryce Hall reveal relationship statusYouTube: Addison Rae
“Braddison” was one of the most popular pairings across TikTok for some time until the couple made it official in late 2020, only to break things off a few months later.

While both of the influencers are quite famous in their own right, Rae has gone on to secure a multi-movie deal with Netflix after starring in ‘He’s All That,’ has created her own fragrance and cosmetics lines, and is set to release a full album.

This being said, Hall recently made a joke that he was responsible for Rae’s current success, as told during a January 4 episode of the Raw Talk podcast with Bradley Martyn.

Addison Rae holding a perfume bottleInstagram: addisonraee
Addison Rae recently unleashed her own fragrance line out into the world, marking yet another big step for the TikTok star amid her Item Beauty makeup line and blossoming career as an actress.

Bryce Hall jokes that he made Addison Rae famous

When asked who got famous first, Hall said, “I remember when she had 35k, and I had like, 700,000 or something like that on Instagram.”

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“Damn, so you made Addison?” Martyn replied.

“Yeah,” Hall laughed. “Where’s that check?”

Although the group clarified that the statement was a joke, and Hall gave “full props” to his ex-girlfriend for making it as far as she has, the internet wasn’t totally amused by the humor.

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“She’s at the met gala…. And he is where?” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“She made him relevant,” another said.

Still another quoted TikToker Larray, writing: “I only knew his name ’cause Addison gave him fame.”

Bryce Addison Instagram commentsInstagram: Defnoodles
Commenters clearly weren’t pleased by Bryce’s joke on Bradley Martyn’s podcast.

It’s clear that Hall was just joshing around when he made his comment, but it looks like his humor wasn’t met with the anticipated response.

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Hall has yet to respond to the backlash at the time of writing.