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Addison Rae & Bryce Hall finally reveal their relationship status

Published: 30/Nov/2020 20:18

by Virginia Glaze


Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have been at the center of TikTok dating rumors since last year, and while they never officially revealed if they were dating or not, fans weren’t convinced there wasn’t a romance going on — and it turns out, they were right (well, sort of).

For those not in the loop, Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are two of the biggest names on TikTok. Boasting a combined 86 million followers on the viral video app, the two became even more famous after they started getting cozy in each other’s videos in fall of 2019.

However, things seemed to be on again, off again for the highly-speculated couple, who never let slip if they were actually dating when fans started asking questions.


Rae even adamantly denied that she and Hall were an item, although Hall himself claimed they were “testing the waters” during an episode of Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.


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Now, a year later, the two have FINALLY revealed what’s been going on for them this entire time — and it turns out, they are officially a couple!

Rae spilled the beans during a Q&A-turned-workout session on November 30 when she decided to answer the question “everyone’s been wondering” about.

According to the TikToker, she and Hall have actually dated twice — although their first romantic stint was decidedly short-lived, with Addison breaking things off after only three days (which resulted in some awkward encounters on the street as filmed by paparazzi).



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“We’ve only broken up one time,” Addison revealed.

“That was because we dated for three days — it is true, I know I denied that. We did date for three days one time, and then I broke up with him. After Bryce’s little mishap, then we started talking every day and hanging out again. We ended things again, talking, after his birthday. I didn’t say a word to you, remember? And then we saw each other at places and I would just not talk to you.”

(Topic begins at 4:30)

“After that, after the birthday scandal, he bought me a gift and wrote me a letter for my birthday,” she continued, wrapping up her boo in a hug. “It was really sweet. …he asked me out October 13 to be his girlfriend. This is our second time dating.”


Well there, you have it: after a short-lived stint, the two are finally back together, marking almost two months of their romance at the time of writing. Braddison shippers, rejoice — TikTok’s star couple is back and better than ever!