Bryce Hall laughs off allegations he’s a predator: “We got recruited to the Illuminati”

Meera Jacka
Bryce Hall hits back at claims he is a predator

Bryce Hall has been accused of being a predator by Tayler Holder and Ryan Garcia, though it doesn’t seem he is too concerned by the claims.

TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder‘s bad blood dates back to 2022 when Holder was hit with murky allegations, resulting in many top creators distancing themselves from the TikToker. Hall was one of those and has not held back in calling Holder out in the years to follow.

Despite many expecting the feud to result in a fight between the two, Hall recently seemed to shut down the possibility. He told Adin Ross that he did not want to give Holder a platform due to the claims made against him.

In response, further allegations have been made… this time coming from Holder himself and aimed at Hall.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, professional boxer Ryan Garcia accused Hall of “messing with underage kids,” claiming the information came from Holder and that he had been provided evidence.

“Bryce Hall sorry to do [this] to you but apologize for messing with underage kids. Remember Tayler told me and showed me. You need to repent and stop hiding behind TikTok and its clout,” Garcia wrote.

He continued, “I will go out [of] my way to defend every single one [of] these claims. Go to court, stand before a judge, and prove every single one of these claims.”

However, despite the seriousness of the allegations, Hall did not seem phased by the claims his rival was making or Garcia’s tweets.

“It’s true, Ryan was with me on Epstein’s Island. We got recruited to the Illuminati together and did a blood sacrifice while worshipping Satan,” Hall wrote on X. “He’s trying to leave the cult now and is getting exposed by the masses.”

X users weren’t impressed by the TikTok star’s sarcastic response, labeling it as “weird.” One person wrote, “You look really guilty with this response. Coward move.”

“Weird confession but ok,” another wrote. “You’re so weird for this.”

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