What is the “it must be nice” sound on TikTok?

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it must be nice soundTikTok: toonkyy

The phrase, “It must be nice,” spoken over some smooth instrumentals has likely appeared on your TikTok fyp in 2022. Here’s more on the full origin of the sound, including both narration and original music track.

TikTok is known for its viral content, ranging from wacky memes to groovy dances. The app has totally changed the social media landscape.

One of the more recent trends to see success on the app is the “it must be nice” sound, which includes a narration over a song.

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People all across the app have used this sound for different and hilarious uses, making it primed and ready to become the viral sensation that it has.

What is the “it must be nice” TikTok sound?

TikTok continues to be a mainstay in 2022, thanks to viral sounds like “it must be nice.”

The narration for the sound comes from user @toonkyy, who confirmed this in a video recreating the narration in December 2021.

Since he created the sound, it has been used in hundreds of videos with massive amounts of views and likes. But his voice alone isn’t what makes the sound great.

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He speaks over Charlie Wilson’s 2010 song, “You are” in the viral sound, which culminates to make a smooth R&B style duo that’s out of this world. It must be nice, indeed.

This combination has led to hilarious renditions, like the ones below.

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Click here if the TikTok fails to load

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While this song has just recently taken off, there’s no doubt that it will continue to see some more amazing use throughout the early parts of 2022.

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