Bryce Hall exposes Kanye West for deleting messages in his girlfriend’s DMs

Meera Jacka
Bryce Hall exposes Kanye West for deleting messages in his girlfriend's DMs

Bryce Hall has shared screenshots showing Kanye West sliding into his girlfriend’s DMS, only to later delete the messages.

American social media personality and boxer Bryce Hall found his fame on TikTok and has since amassed a massive fanbase with nearly 24 million followers on the platform alone.

Now, he is using his influence to expose another celebrity for sliding into his girlfriend’s private Instagram messages — and it’s none other than Kanye West.

Hall has been dating Mikaela Lafuente since 2022 and it seems he isn’t the only one with his eye on the Instagram model. According to screenshots shared on X, West DM’d Lafuente only to delete his messages after getting shut down.

“Kanye is sliding on my girlfriend.. someone tell Kim,” Hall tweeted initially before a second post showed the full conversation between West and Lafuente. According to Hall’s evidence, West was hoping to invite his girlfriend to hang out and take a peek at his new album.

“Back in [California],” West’s first message read. When Lafuente asked what the rapper meant, he responded by asking whether she was in California or the States. But Lafuente kept her replies vague with a simple, “Yes, why?”

West then revealed his intentions, writing, “Wanted to see if you wanted to hang and listen to the new album.” After Lafuente shut down the conversation by rejecting the invite, West deleted his previous messages.

“[Come on] Ye… at least invite me to the hang and listen session,” Hall tweeted, going on to make a TikTok about the bizarre situation.

Viewers, however, weren’t convinced that there wasn’t more to the story, accusing Lafuente of having deleted previous messages and alleging that she had spoken to the rapper before.

“They’ve obviously had previous conversations which she deleted buddy,” one person wrote. Another said, “Pretty sure this ain’t a first conversation.”

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