Bryce Hall teases Deji as next influencer boxing opponent

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall says Deji is his next influencer boxing opponentYouTube: Bryce Hall, Deji

TikTok star Bryce Hall has claimed that YouTuber Deji will be his next influencer boxing opponent after the latter faced off against Floyd Mayweather in a viral exhibition match.

Bryce Hall is jonesing for another boxing match after answering fans’ questions on SnapChat, where he claimed he’ll be facing off against Deji next.

Deji is coming off of his highly-anticipated bout against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather on November 13, where he lost by TKO in the sixth round after being pummeled by the 50-0 champ.

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This unsuccessful showing followed Deji’s ground-shaking first victory over YouTuber FouseyTube in August — before which he lost three matches back-to-back.

Bryce Hall says Deji will be his next boxing opponent

Now, it’s looking like he’s got a comeback bout on the way, if Bryce Hall’s latest statement is to be believed.

Hall answered fans’ questions over on SnapChat, when one viewer asked him to name drop his next opponent — and Hall says it’s gonna be Deji.

bryce hall says hes fighting deji nextSnapChat: Bryce Hall

However, this might come as a surprise to those who follow the influencer-boxing scene, as Hall has publicly called out British YouTuber Joe Weller for a match (someone YouTuber JiDion wants a piece of, as well).

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In fact, Hall’s called out a slew of other influencers over the past few months, including the likes of TikTok star Tayler Holder and even KSI.

KSI, though, has denounced the possibility of a bout with Bryce, saying he has to “up the levels” of his opponents after taking on two opponents in one night — one of them being pro boxer Luis Pineda.

It’s been a minute since Hall has stepped into the ring, with his last bout being against Austin McBroom in Summer 2021, which he lost.

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For now, it’s unclear if Bryce vs Deji will actually happen… but with so many possibilities on the horizon, it seems that anything is capable of happening in this current influencer-boxing environment.

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