Tayler Holder hits back at Bryce Hall’s “weird” boxing challenge

Virginia Glaze
Tayler holder hits back at bryce hall boxing challenge

TikToker Tayler Holder has officially responded to boxing challenges from fellow creator Bryce Hall and other influencers, dubbing their continued callouts “weird.”

If there’s one thing fans know about TikTok star Bryce Hall, it’s that he really, really dislikes Tayler Holder.

Their beef started early this year, after Holder was hit with murky accusations from a slew of his fellow influencers. Rumors of “serious allegations” flew around online, and many of his friends unfollowed him.

That’s not all; a few influencers, Bryce Hall included, claimed that Holder had sent them cease and desist letters, supposedly to can any talk of the purported accusations against him.

During this time, Hall hit Tayler with an open challenge for a boxing match, demanding that he speak on the allegations in a pointed tweet if the two ever met in the ring.

“I heard you were reaching out for a boxing match!” Hall wrote. “I’m down under a few conditions: Whoever sells more tickets gets all the $$$, you make a public statement to why you sent all your friends cease and desist letters, you respond to the SA allegations.”

Nearly two months later, Tayler has finally responded to Hall’s challenge — but it doesn’t look like he’ll be taking him up on his offer.

Tayler Holder responds to boxing challenges

Instead, Holder seems willing to take on any opponents in his own backyard, rather than setting up an official fight a la KSI vs Logan Paul.

“A lot of people asking about when I’m boxing certain people,” Holder said in a recent live stream. “Guys, I don’t do any of this weird s**t for attention. Every one of these motherf**kers have my number and know where I live. I got a boxing ring right out there as well. Here I am. You can show up whenever the f**k you want.”

For now, it’s not looking likely that we’ll see Holder set foot in the boxing ring for a public bout, leaving Bryce Hall’s challenge null and void until further notice.

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