JiDion rejects Swarmz boxing challenge and begs Joe Weller for fight

Virginia Glaze
JiDion wants boxing match with Joe Weller

YouTube star JiDion has officially rejected a boxing challenge from British rapper Swarmz, saying that he wants a bout with Joe Weller, instead.

JiDion is itching for a fight with Joe Weller in spite of multiple, repeated callouts from Swarmz.

Thus far, JiDion has yet to step inside the boxing ring. However, he wants to take part in the mysterious January boxing card that is rumored to contain a major bout between KSI and a pro fighter.

While it’s still unclear if this event is actually happening or not, the buzz continues to rise — and Swarmz wants a piece of the pie.

Over the past month, British rapper Swarmz has been calling out JiDion repeatedly in hopes of taking part in the American influencer’s debut boxing match.

Unfortunately, JiDion has dodged him at every turn — and now, he has officially turned Swarmz down, saying that he’d prefer a bout with Joe Weller, instead.

JiDion officially rejects Swarmz’s offer for January boxing match

JiDion discussed the matter in a YouTube video on October 11, where he admitted that, while Swarmz would certainly motivate him to train hard, he just isn’t the opponent he’s got his eye on.

“I say this from the bottom of my heart, with all conviction, that in January, in front of thousands of people and millions across the world… I’m not gonna be your fighting opponent,” he said.

“I wanted to let you know that I respect you and what you’ve got going on, but I just want Joe Weller. That’s genuinely all I want. I just know me personally, I’m not a boxer. …I just want Joe. I just wanna beat his a**. And I just wanna make a dope-a** YouTube video.”

“Me, personally, the storyline I wanna build, I wanna go against Joe,” he continued.

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Weller hasn’t set foot inside a boxing ring since his bout against KSI back in 2018. Although some rumors surfaced that hinted he’d be making a comeback, he has yet to touch gloves with an opponent again at the time of writing.

This isn’t the first time he’s asked Weller for a turn in the ring, either; he asked the British influencer for a match back in August, and seems bent on his goal despite radio silence from Weller’s end.

It’s unclear if this match will ever happen, but one thing’s certain — JiDion isn’t donning any boxing gloves unless he’s facing Joe Weller.

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