Bryce Hall challenges Joe Weller to a boxing match: “Let’s come to an agreement”

IG: BryceHall / JoeWeller

TikToker and YouTube star Bryce Hall has revealed he would be willing to fight British internet star Joe Weller, whose first bout with KSI back in 2018 kicked off the entire YouTube boxing scene.

YouTube boxing’s wild success was a direct result of KSI and Joe Weller taking to the ring way back in 2018.

While the former continues to be at the heart of the sport – and could be set to scrap Dillon Danis – the latter has grown less involved in the internet trend. He has still surfaced at events and even looked set for a scuffle with KSI before security intervened ahead of the 2 fights 1 night event.

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However, Weller could be set to return and take on Bryce Hall, the American who was previously knocked out by Austin McBroom.

Since then, Bryce has called out KSI and others but, on November 18, revealed his willingness to take on Joe Weller.

Bryce Hall calls on Joe Weller to “come to an agreement” over boxing match

A tweet from ‘MamsTaylor’ provoked Hall’s comment, saying: “In a world where influencers who talk about fighting actually fought…Weller v Bryce would be so entertaining to me.”

Replying, Bryce said: “Let’s come to an agreement then”, followed by the hand-shaking emoji.

The tweet raised plenty of public interest, with many eager to see the scrap take place.

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Bryce has not boxed since being brutally beaten by Austin McBroom. McBroom went on to lose to AnEsonGib and announced an indefinite break afterwards.

Hall, though, seems keen to get back into the ring, even if his only experience was a tough loss.

Joe Weller, on the other hand, has been spending his time in the Amazon rainforest and, as of the publication of this article, has not responded to Hall’s comments.