KSI refuses Bryce Hall fight offer: “I gotta up the levels”

Jacob Hale
KSI laughing and Bryce Hall looking serious

KSI has refused an offer from Bryce Hall to have a boxing match after the UK YouTube star’s fight against rapper Swarmz, saying that he will have to “up the levels” after his next fight.

KSI was due to get revenge for his brother, Deji, with a fight against Alex Wassabi in London on August 27th, but Alex pulled out with a reported concussion, leaving KSI searching for a new opponent.

KSI made the announcement that he would be fighting rapper and former collaborator, Swarmz, in the bout, saying that the match is simply to see where he’s at currently and shake off his ring rust. The announcement, though, drew some criticism, from people accusing him of taking an easy fight against someone with no experience.

On August 11, TikTok star Bryce Hall revealed that is “100% down” to fight KSI on two weeks’ notice without a training camp but that a separate contract he has prevents him from doing that.

“Trust me, I begged for it & even paid $5k in lawyer fees to find a loophole,” he said. “But the second I wrap this movie I’m ready to sign the contract with KSI’s team.”

A few hours later KSI responded, saying that “We can spar, but brother, after swarmz I gotta up the levels.”

Bryce came back almost immediately, saying that they can set up a sparring session and film it, obviously confident in his abilities and showing them off to the world again.

KSI has made clear that his aim is to fight Jake Paul eventually, and they have tentatively agreed to face off at some point in 2023, though nothing is set in stone yet.

If he wants to reach Jake Paul’s level, though, KSI will have to keep setting his sights higher in the coming months — and he clearly doesn’t believe Bryce Hall is a step in the right direction.