Bryce Hall claims KSI fight is all but confirmed after Austin McBroom bout

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Bryce Hall KSI

Just days out from main eventing the YouTubers vs Tiktokers PPV against Austin McBroom, social media celeb Bryce Hall has all but confirmed he’ll be taking on KSI in his next bout.

Ahead of his first boxing scrap, Hall has been busy kickstarting a different beef. While he’s set to meet McBroom in the ring this weekend, the TikToker’s sights have been set on British YouTube star KSI instead. 

The two have been trading blows over the internet for weeks now after KSI originally called him “easy work” before explaining how he’s on a ‘different level.’ 

Assuming Hall can get past his first opponent, push may eventually come to shove with KSI. The potential bout is all but “confirmed,” he revealed to Mike Majlak in a June 10 episode of The Night Shift.


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“The next fight is 100% KSI you said? That’s 100% confirmed?” Mike Majlak asked while the two were eating. “That is like… 95% confirmed,” Hall responded.

While it’s clear they both hate each other’s guts, there’s still a tiny holdup. First, Hall needs to get through his initial boxing match. However, even with a win on Sunday, there’s still a “5%” chance Hall misses out on an eventual showdown with KSI.

“Look what he’s been doing with [Jake Paul]” he added. As another heated social media feud, KSI has called out the younger Paul brother on multiple occasions.

Depending on where their beef goes, Hall could be late to the party as KSI takes on Paul.

With that said, Hall was still quick to hype up just how big of a clash their boxing event could be. “He’s made like two videos about me, he’s been tweeting about me. I think he wants this fight because he sees the numbers.”

Bryce Hall appears on The Night Shift at the 7:20 mark below.

With more than 20 million followers on TikTok alone, Hall boasts one of the biggest fan bases on social media today. Meanwhile, KSI is constantly pulling tens of millions of views each month across a litany of YouTube channels along with being a decorated artist on the side.

There’s no denying an eventual fight between the two social media stars would be a big draw.