KSI mocks Bryce Hall’s sparring footage: “You are not on my level”

KSI roasts Bryce Hall sparring footageYouTube: JJ Olatunji, Bryce Hall

YouTube star KSI and TikToker Bryce Hall have made it clear they’re willing to throw hands with each other — but it looks like KSI isn’t all too impressed with Hall’s current boxing skills.

It’s safe to say that KSI has helped pioneer the influencer boxing trend. After defeating YouTuber Joe Weller in 2018, the British influencer threw down with rival Logan Paul twice over, ultimately emerging the victor of their long-standing grudge in November 2019.

Since then, personalities like Jake Paul, Fouseytube and others have stepped into the ring to settle their differences and make a name for themselves. Bryce Hall is one such star, who will face off against YouTuber Austin McBroom on the YouTubers vs TikTokers card come June 12.

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While he’s already got an opponent lined up for him, it seems that Hall is taking the initiative and seeking out another fight preemptively, successfully starting beef with KSI over Twitter.

That’s not all; amid all the trash-talk, Hall uploaded an entire video calling out KSI, as well as two other British YouTube stars — and KSI decided to clap back with an in-depth analysis of Hall’s sparring match against influencer Stromedy.

Unfortunately, KSI wasn’t very impressed. The British content creator roasted Hall’s entire performance, appearing shocked when Hall grabbed Stromedy and lifted him up — a move that is definitely against boxing regulations but more than welcome in the WWE.

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“Bro, he legit thinks he’s so sick,” KSI moaned. “Once someone fucking hits him in the face properly, man will get humbled. He’s trying so hard to be Jake Paul, it’s obvious! Oh my god!”

“You’re so wank! You’re dead! I’m watching this like, this guy thinks he can talk to me? How dare you! You have no right! …Bryce Hall thinks he’s the real deal. He should be dropping this guy easily within a minute or two. Easily.”

“These guys, they just don’t know, they don’t understand. Especially Bryce Hall, man. Like I said on Twitter, win your fight and maybe we’ll talk. Bryce man, you are not on my level. Trust me.”

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(Topic begins at 2:05)

A few hours later, Bryce Hall responded to KSI’s callout with a pointed tweet, reminding him that the Stromedy sparring match was filmed during his “first week of training” and promising to “post some sparring footage soon and show you what REAL work and dedication to training looks like.”

While there’s no telling when these two might face off, it’s clear that both parties are interested in a future fight — and it seems that fans are, too.