Adin Ross hits out at Twitch critics who say RiceGum “fell off”

RiceGum and Adin Ross on TwitchTwitch: AdinRoss/RiceGum

Adin Ross is a quickly up-and-coming Twitch streamer, currently living with the likes of FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak. Now, he’s spoken out about critics of Brian ‘RiceGum’ Le, denying claims that the star “fell off.”

Adin is becoming a huge star in his own right, regularly pulling in tens of thousands of viewers to his Twitch stream, where he’s commonly hanging out with other popular influencers or rappers.

Meanwhile, RiceGum is someone that saw meteoric success on YouTube when he first became associated with ‘Clout Gang,’ which included the likes of Banks, Alissa Violet and more. He was pulling in millions of views with every video and was hugely successful.

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While his YouTube isn’t used much anymore, with very rare uploads, Adin disavows any idea that the star “fell off.”

Adin Ross FaZe houseInstagram: adinross
Adin has quickly become one of the top streamers on Twitch.

While talking about Rice with his chat, Adin chose to address what many have said in recent years.

“I know a lot of people discredit Rice and say he fell off and sh*t,” the streamer said. “But that motherf**ker is still pulling 30k on a Twitch stream and he’s the GOAT, and if he came back to YouTube he would sh*t on everybody.”

While he made out like he was joking, Adin continued to explain that he genuinely believes it. “He really would, that’s the thing. Prime Rice, prime Banks… It’s crazy.”

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Ross then makes the valid point that Rice doesn’t even tweet or post when he goes live, which would likely help draw a much larger audience to his streams.

Needless to say, RiceGum is seeing a lot of success on Twitch, so he probably won’t be too upset if people say he’s “fallen off.”