Bryce Hall explains why he’d fight Logan Paul over Jake

. 8 months ago
Bryce Hall on fighting Logan vs Jake Paul 3
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Jake Paul has risen from a full-time influencer to a major force in the boxing world — but TikTok star Bryce Hall isn’t sure he’d stand a chance against the 4-0 ‘Problem Child,’ as opposed to his big brother, Logan.

Jake and Logan Paul are two influencer brothers who have decided to jump into the world of combat sports at full speed.

Both have nabbed impressive opponents during their short careers as pro boxers — Jake having fought five-time UFC champ Tyron Woodley and Logan taking on undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

However, Jake boasts a 4-0 record under his belt, while big bro Logan hasn’t officially won a single bout. It’s this trend that has fellow influencer Bryce Hall hesitating to ever accept a potential boxing match from Jake Paul, should the opportunity ever present itself.

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul notably faced off against Tyron Woodley in August, winning the bout by split-decision.

Bryce Hall explains why he’s hesitant to accept a potential Jake Paul bout

During a podcast episode on Barstool Sports’ Walk the Line, Hall revealed that he might take on Jake Paul for the money (the Problem Child has amassed a fairly profitable sum from his boxing ventures), but claims that he would most definitely get knocked out.

“I’ve never been knocked out in my life, and I think Jake would actually knock me the f**k out,” Hall admitted with a laugh. “Price point? If Jake offered that s**t, I mean, I’m in there. I would get knocked out, but I would f**king go in there.”

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather
Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Logan Paul went the distance against Floyd Mayweather in their June exhibition match.

When it comes to Logan Paul, though, Hall feels far more confident… although, in terms of size, Hall comes up much ‘shorter.’

“Logan, I feel I have a way better chance against,” he continued. “But both are just very large men. 6’4 in person. I’m f**ing 5’10, I’m looking up at this guy.”

Hall notably lost against YouTube star Austin McBroom at the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event in June. Paul has notably declined offers from other influencers in favor of fighting pro athletes and combat sports veterans in the past.

This latest interview also comes after Hall made some shady comments toward both Paul brothers, dubbing them the most ‘two-faced’ influencers he knows.

With this new beef in mind, fans are eager to know if they’ll ever see these two internet stars face off against each other… but considering Paul’s upcoming bout against Tommy Fury, it’s unlikely we’ll see them touch gloves anytime soon.

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