Bryce Hall calls out Logan & Jake Paul as internet’s most “two-faced” influencers

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TikTok star Bryce Hall is throwing major shade toward Jake and Logan Paul, naming the boxing brothers the most “two-faced” influencers he’s ever met.

On November 11, Bryce Hall participated in a Q&A “confession” session alongside fellow influencer Tana Mongeau. The premise of the game was to answer fans’ questions as honestly as possible.

After telling embarrassing tales about themselves and divulging secrets about their lives in Los Angeles, the duo came across a fan question that asked them to name the “most shocking two-faced influencer” they knew.

While Mongeau answered “James Charles,” Bryce Hall had a decidedly different answer: Infamous internet celebrity brothers Jake and Logan Paul.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul pose outside
Brothers Jake and Logan Paul have made the switch from full-time YouTubers to professional boxers with an impressive fight history.

Bryce Hall calls Pauls “two-faced” influencers

“I don’t want to start beef, though,” Hall began before answering, “Logan and Jake.” He continued: “That’s the only ones I can think of, because they always talk nice to me in person, and then they always s**t on me online.”

This news doesn’t come as a huge shock to fans, as there was some perceived beef between Bryce and Logan from earlier this year, after Hall was caught smooching Logan’s ex-girlfriend, model Josie Canseco, in a viral TikTok.

(Topic begins at 3:40)

Although Paul didn’t seem to be too bothered by it, judging by his comedic response, the two influencers did appear to share a friendly relationship up until that viral kiss; Hall notably appeared in an episode of Logan’s ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast in July 2020.

Hall has likewise often been compared to Jake Paul, with many critics dubbing him the ‘TikTok version’ of the influencer-turned-boxer. While Hall has spent his time in the ring, Jake’s professional record, thus far, outshines Hall’s by four wins.

Bryce Hall on IMPAULSIVE
Bryce Hall notably appeared alongside Logan Paul in a friendly podcast episode during his tumultuous relationship with Addison Rae last year.

Thus far, neither Logan nor Jake have reacted to Hall’s not-so-subtle shade, leaving fans curious as to whether or not this could result in another influencer-vs-influencer showdown.

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