Bryce Hall responds to rumors he wants to fight Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf in image next to Bryce HallInstagram: corinnakopf / brycehall

TikToker Bryce Hall has responded to rumors that he actually wants to fight Corinna Kopf after he jokingly challenged the influencer to a boxing match.

In October, popular TikTok star Bryce Hall and Facebook Gaming’s Corinna Kopf got into a heated exchange online, after she clarified that his new hairstyle was not the mullet that made her tweet “mullets are hot.”

Bryce went on to claim she flew to Vegas when he was underage to meet him, but she quickly called him out for his “outlandish accusations,” going on to say: “Did I really bruise your ego when I decided not to sleep with you?” Bryce also went on to confirm that he was actually 18 at the time.

Earlier in November, Hall jokingly called out Kopf in a video when he was considering who he could have as an opponent, saying, “Corinna, what’s good,” and many seemed to wonder whether the star was serious.

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However, as a guest on Tana Mongeau’s podcast ‘Cancelled,’ the TikToker has clarified that he wasn’t being serious with the callout.

“I called out Corinna for a boxing match, people took it seriously,” he said. “I don’t understand how people — like people are actually dumb.”

“Clip this right now: I did not call Corinna out to box, cause obviously I’d whoop that b*tch’s a*s. But Tana is gonna fight Corinna for me,” he added.

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Tana and Corinna joked that they wanted to fight each other in a boxing match back in May, and although it’s not clear whether an event will ever actually be set up, similar to the popular ‘Battle of the Platforms’ event in June, it seems as though there are plenty of people who have interest in watching a match between them.

Regardless, it’s clear that Bryce has no actual plans to fight Corinna, despite their previous beef.