Andrew Tate calls out Logan Paul on Twitter from Romanian prison

Virginia Glaze
Andrew Tate calls out Logan Paul on Twitter from Romanian prison

Controversial internet commentator Andrew Tate is stirring up beef with influencer Logan Paul over Twitter as he remains in custody with Romanian authorities.

Both Logan Paul and Andrew Tate have been in the social media limelight as of late — and not for wholesome reasons.

Logan Paul’s new year has been a bit of a struggle for the influencer, who is currently facing accusations of “scamming” his fans with a cryptocurrency game he produced in 2021 called ‘CryptoZoo,’ on top of controversy surrounding the rehoming of his pet pig, Pearl.

Andrew Tate, on the other hand, is set to remain in police custody in Romania after being arrested on charges of organized crime and human trafficking. Both he and his brother’s detainment appeal was denied, and the siblings will remain in jail until the end of January, at least.

Logan Paul tweets about “the Matrix” in possible Andrew Tate reference

In an unexpected turn of events, Logan Paul appeared to reference Tate’s constant mentions of ‘the Matrix’ in a Tweet on January 10, writing: “The Matrix is real. Pray you never become its target.”

It’s unclear if Paul’s tweet was specifically calling out Tate’s arrest, or his own ongoing controversies — but Tate (or at least, someone on his team) took notice of the post.

Andrew Tate hits back at Logan Paul on Twitter during detainment

Tate’s Twitter account, which was reinstated in late 2022, publicly put Logan Paul on blast in response to his ‘Matrix’ tweet.

“You are the Matrix,” Tate wrote. “You are an Agent. But the Matrix is cracking. And now you will pay the price.”

That’s not all; Tate took another blow at the influencer in a follow-up tweet, writing: “Lol. Even in Romanian Prison, they talk about Logan Paul being a scammer.”

This isn’t the first time Tate and Paul have butted heads; in fact, the two have bandied about the idea of a possible boxing match for months now, although considering Tate’s current state, it’s unlikely this fight will ever come to fruition.