Andrew Tate remains in custody after detainment appeal is denied

Andrew Tate in courtWikimedia

Brothers Tristan and Andrew Tate will remain in custody after facing the judge at Bucharest’s court of appeal on January 10. The two will stay behind bars for 30 days.

  • Tate Brothers appeared in Bucharest court to appeal 30-day detention
  • They have now left the court after around five hours, returning to detention
  • Brothers have said they have children who need them to be free

The brothers tried to convince the court that they need to be released as they have children to care for and that Andrew is suffering from a lung ailment.

Romanian outlet SpyNews reported that Tate has lung nodules and that his team claimed he cannot receive adequate care while he remains in custody.

The brothers, along with two women also arrested in the human trafficking sting, were initially held for 24 hours, before this was extended to 30 days. Andrew Tate previously claimed in a livestream with Adin Ross that he has a total of 10 children, with different women.

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The brothers arrived at court at around 10AM local time, seen exiting a police van handcuffed to one another. They left, still in cuffs, after spending approximately five hours in court.

SpyNews also reports that as part of the appeal, the Tate brothers asked for the return of their seized luxury vehicles.

Hours after presenting their appeal, the Tate brothers’ request was denied, with both brothers set to remain in custody.

Prosecutors can now request a maximum of 180 days of detention. Even if the appeal was successful, they could have been prevented from leaving the country or placed under house arrest.

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DIICOT, Romania’s anti-organized crime agency, said that a total of six victims had been identified.

Lawyer for the Tate brothers has claimed there is “no evidence” for the allegations of rape or human trafficking, other than the victim statements.

We will keep this page updated with the latest reports from Romanian media who are on the ground at the Bucharest court of appeals.