Logan Paul claims he would beat Andrew Tate & Conor McGregor in boxing fights

Logan Paul on Impaulsive podcastYouTube: Impaulsive

Logan Paul is convinced he’d be able to take Andrew Tate and Conor McGregor in fights, but when it comes to the Irish superstar, he’d rather do that in the boxing ring. 

Even though he was one of the pioneers of YouTuber boxing, Logan Paul has stepped away from active fighting in the last year or so, focusing on his other ventures like working with the WWE. 

He was supposed to return to boxing in January, but an injury has seemingly ruled him out of taking part in KSI’s Prime Team boxing card. Despite that, he’s still kept up the trash talk. 

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Logan has, in the last few months, gone after Andrew Tate and urged the former kickboxer to get into the boxing ring. He’s also kept up his beef with the UFC’s Conor McGregor as well, even though his brother Jake wants to fight him before long. 

Logan Paul fancies himself in backyard fights with Andrew Tate and McGregor

The Impaulsive host was a guest on episode 376 of Bobby Lee’s TigerBelly show and, as is standard, they put a different spin on the usual questions he gets. 

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Logan was quizzed on whether he’d beat certain fighters in the boxing ring or in a backyard fight, with both Tate and McGregor being included in that. “Boxing, I would win, I’d beat Conor in boxing,” ‘The Maverick’ answered. “I would have to go with him (in a backyard fight).”

On top of that, Logan backed himself to beat Andrew Tate in a backyard fight, and also believes he could beat Michael Bisping. However, he changed his answer for Nate Diaz, Francis Ngannou, and Israel Adesanya. 

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As noted, Logan is convinced he’ll get to fight Tate before long, as he claimed he’d had a “vivid” vision about them squaring off inside the Octagon. 

Despite their trash talk, it doesn’t appear as if they’re in negotiations to make it happen though, given Logan’s recent injury from working with the WWE. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.