Andrew Tate claims “no justice in Romania” in first public appearance since arrest

Andrew Tate being walked into police building by guard in black jacketYouTube: On Demand News

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate claimed that there is “no justice in Romania” in his first public appearance since being arrested at the end of December. 

On December 29, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan had their compound raided by Romanian authorities as they and two females were charged with alleged human trafficking and organized crime. 

The brothers will remain detained until February 27th, with their assets also being seized as a part of DIICOT’s investigation. Despite the detainment, they have remained in contact with fans and have also been granted visits with family members. Though, Adin Ross is not allowed to visit even though Tate placed him on the list of people he’d like to see. 

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Andrew has been sending emails to fans detailing the conditions of his detainment, and his Twitter account has also remained active. Though, the former Kickboxer has now appeared in public and spoken to reporters for the first time since his arrest.

Andrew Tate speaks publicly for first time since detainment in Romania

The brothers were summoned for further questioning on January 25 by anti-organized crime prosecutors, and had the opportunity to speak to reporters waiting outside for them as they were transported.

“They know we have done nothing wrong,” Andrew said as he walked from the police van to the building. “The case file is completely empty. Of course, it’s unjust, there is no justice in Romania unfortunately.”

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His brother Tristan echoed that, claiming there is “no evidence” against him and that authorities are “planning to steal my cars and steal my money.”

Romanian authorities are able to detain suspects like the Tate’s for up to a maximum 180 days at the request of prosecutors. 

It remains to be seen what will happen next in the legal proceedings, and if they’ll make any more public appearances. Though they are unwavering in their belief that there is no case against them.