Andrew Tate speaks out to address human trafficking claims: “There is no evidence”

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Andrew Tate, the controversial influencer who is currently being held in custody by Romanian police, has spoken out on social media to directly address the allegations made against him.

Tate, along with his brother Tristan and two other suspects, was arrested on December 29 by Romania’s anti-terrorism and organized crime agency, DIICOT.

In addition to being arrested, his assets have been seized, including multiple luxury vehicles that have been impounded. The investigation concerns suspected human trafficking and rape, both of which have been denied through Tate’s lawyer.

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Andrew Tate has still been posting on social media frequently throughout his time in custody. It’s unclear if he himself has access to make posts, or if someone is posting on his behalf.

Previously claiming that a mysterious “matrix” was to blame for his legal troubles, he has now addressed the human trafficking allegation head-on.

Andrew Tate addresses accusations of human trafficking

In his first tweet on January 14, Tate said that anyone who believed the allegations was a “moron.”

“Anyone smart enough to understand the American System is unfair would be mind blown by the injustice of the Romanian System,” he concluded.

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He followed this post up with a second on January 15. Here, he claimed there were no victims, however, victims’ statements have been submitted by the prosecution.

“They have arrested me to ‘look’ for evidence,” he continued, “which they will not find because it doesn’t exist.”

DIICOT said it had identified a total of six victims in the human trafficking case.

Romanian law states that suspects in an investigation can be held for up to 30 days, but this can be extended by a judge, “at the request of the prosecutor, for an additional 30 days at a time. The total period in detention before the closing of criminal investigations should not exceed 180 days.”

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Tate’s lawyers appealed the 30-day detention, but the appeal was turned down by the judge.

Tate also lost an appeal against his seized assets, which include a Ferrarri and a Rolls-Royce. No charges have been brought in the case yet.

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