Twitch star Alinity reveals plan to release NFT of herself similar to Amouranth

. 6 months ago
Alinity and Amouranth
Twitch: Alinity/Amouranth

Twitch star Alinity might be following in the successful footsteps of fellow streamer Amouranth by creating her own NFT, giving fans good reason to get excited.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital artwork that live on the blockchain and have become an extremely popular commodity throughout the past couple of years.

The most expensive NFT’s can sell for millions of dollars, with collections like the CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) among some of the most desirable pieces available.

Amouranth had her own NFT as part of a line called OnlyPunk which went on to sell for around $125,000 — and it looks like Alinity has been inspired.

Alinity poses on stairs
Instagram: alinitydivine
Alinity is looking to expand her portfolio even more.

During a Twitch stream with quqco, Alinity revealed that she might actually be making her own one and talks are already ongoing.

When the topic of NFTs is brought up between the two, Alinity makes the revelation that the ball is rolling.

“I might be doing one,” she said after quqco asked if she would want an NFT. “I’m talking with some company, you know the company that Amouranth did the NFT? I’m talking to them.”

Quqco warned Alinity that “there are some virtue signaling streamers that might try to put you down” if she goes ahead with it, but the Twitch star joked that “there’s a certain amount of money to where I wouldn’t care anymore.”

It’s unclear how long it would take for this to come to fruition if she does go ahead with it, but it’s fair to say Alinity’s biggest fans are going to want to keep their eyes peeled.

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