Amouranth gives LilyPichu a makeover, leaving Twitch chat stunned

André González Rodríguez
Lilypichu Amouranth makeup
Twitch: lilypichu

In a stream on December 16, Twitch streamer Amouranth gave Lilypichu a makeover, leaving the chat stunned.

Both Amouranth and Lilypichu are no strangers to what streaming on Twitch can offer. As two of the most known female streamers on the platform, Amouranth and Lilypichu have carved their own audiences.

Be it Amouranth’s hot tub or ASMR streams, or Lilypichu’s music collaborations and gameplay streams, these two broadcasters have built their success from the ground up.

Seeing as how both of them have different kinds of audiences, it felt natural to have them intersect in a collaboration stream.

Amouranth gives LilyPichu a makeover, leaving Twitch chat stunned

At first, both streamers sat around having casual conversations with Twitch chat. This continued for a while until Amouranth decided to give Lilypichu a makeover.

After about an hour of makeup, Lilypichu stepped out of the room and came back to reveal what Amouranth had done.

“Look at her, she’s so cute,” said Amouranth. In response to the reveal, Lilypichu began to mutter, “This is so weird, this is so weird,” as she covered her face. The reveal left Twitch spamming emotes from left to right.

Lilypichu remained stunned, stating, “I feel so ugly, I’m not myself,” but Amournath kept encouraging her, repeating “She’s so cute,” later claiming that she gave her the “whole experience.”

Collaboration streams are nothing out of the ordinary for Twitch. Viewers are always looking for content, no matter what it is. Twitch chat’s reaction to Lilypichu getting her makeup done by Amournth displays that.