Amouranth hits back at critics after buying gas station

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth owns a gas station

Popular Twitch streamer and content creator Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa stunned the internet by announcing she’d bought a gas station, and is now firingback at fans critical of her investment.

Amouranth may be best known for her hot tub streams and other such content, but she’s also quite the savvy entrepreneur, frequently flexing her businesswoman know-how on her personal Twitter account.

It was on this account that she amazed fans by revealing she bought a gas station for the low price of -$110,000 and would be leasing it out, transforming it into a Circle K.

Through some smart loopholes, she says she will be making $85,000 a year off the purchase. She plans to sell it in a few years for a profit and use that money to buy another property.

Amouranth banned on Twitch TikTok Instagram
Amouranth now owns a gas station. Neat.

Fans slam Amouranth’s gas station as “unfair” and “disgusting”

While many of Siragusa’s supporters were happy to see her succeed, others weren’t so pleased and accused her of abusing the system.

“It is disgusting how you rich people can do all this and if we try to do any of this we can’t,” a user lashed out. “The system is made for the rich to do this it’s unfair and not right.”

Amouranth countered this accusation with a pointed tweet, explaining how the system isn’t as rigged as some might believe.

Amouranth strikes back at gas station critics

“Bruh, I’m gonna pay like $6 million this year in federal income tax,” she revealed. “God forbid I try to lower that a bit via a legal investment maneuver.”

To follow this up, she advised the upset fan to instead take his problem up with the powers that be and redirect their anger there.

“Maybe go after federal reserve members and congress members trading stock on MNPI or captains of industry with bespoke agreements borrowing against equity ownership in lieu of selling shares to fund their lifestyle,” she struck back.

It doesn’t seem as though Amouranth is deterred by critics when it comes to her business moves. It’s anyone’s guess what her next big investment opportunity will be, but if it’s anything like a gas station, it’ll be sure to make some waves online.

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